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GoMe March Newspaper
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Autor:  Szark [ 31.03.2009 - 18:58 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  GoMe March Newspaper

We would like to announce, a few weeks behind schedule but just in the nick of time, that March’s edition of the Where R U Uru newspaper is ready for download. This month we have part two and conclusion of Marten’s intriguing interview with Echo and J D Barnes, guest editorial by Nalates and A Tribute to the late Jahuti Rhys.

To download the full newspaper please click this link.

"The Guild of Messengers Newspaper... ...For those who like their morning coffee in the cavern."

If you'd like to receive notice when the newspaper is available, drop a note to us at gomenewsletter@gmail.com. Alternatively we have a new automated subscription service located on the Front page. This is where you will receive e-mail notification that the issue is ready for download from our Library.
Also for any late breaking community news please feel free to use the GoMe News RSS feed. Click on the big Submit News button which is also on the Front page. Help is provided with this new feature. - Both in Text and downloadable PDF tutorial.
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