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Shorah and greetings once again fellow Myst fans! Mysterium 2009 is just two months away! The Mysterium Planning Committee is gearing up for it, and we've got a boat-load of updates for you today.

First, we're pleased to officially announce our logo contest winners! Two of them, in fact! This years t-shirt designs are from the lovely and talented Jean Fioca, and the equally lovely and talented Claire 'Shoomlah' Hummell.
Jean created this year's front design, a lighthearted celebration of the 10th Mysterium ever.

Claire gives us the back design, a unique representation of all the Myst games to date. See if you can spot all the references!

Our t-shirts will be screen-printed this year. Because of this, we are taking pre-orders on shirts with registrations to get an accurate estimate of how many we need to print. As a result, if you want to ensure you get a shirt, we strongly recommend that you pre-register! Shirts are $14 each for Small through XL sizes (and $15 for XXL shirts). You can order your shirts by visiting the Mysterium website and pre-registering to attend here: http://www.mysterium.net/mysterium-2009 ... istration/

Thank you to all our entrants, you make voting fun! All of this years entries can be viewed here: http://www.mysterium.net/mysterium-2009 ... test-2009/

Once again, the Mysterium committee is reaching out to our talented community for Myst-themed items that can be given away as prizes at this year's events. Last year, people went home with limited edition Riven keychains, beautiful handmade books, and unique swag... what will we have for the attendees this year?

Please email eleri@mysterium.net to donate a prize. Thanks so much for helping make Mysterium happen!

What's on the menu for Mysterium 2009? We're serving up a buffet of fun and frolic for the weekend!

Appetizers: Getting together
Pre Con Pool Party Thursday Night
Meet & Greet Friday Night

Snacks: Stuff to Do around town
Disk Golf
Lazer Tag
Putt Putt Golf

Side Dishes: Fun and Games
Beginner's Bevin Party
Ahyoheek Tournament (Get your own 'heek cards here: http://www.mysterium.net/mysterium-2009 ... -ahyoheek/)
What Would Atrus Build
Marker Missions
Teledahn Tie Dye ($5 per shirt or bring your own; watch for sign up page!)

Main Course: Presentations!
Where Are They Now: The Lives of Former Cyantists
D'ni Timekeeping with RIUM+
Storytelling in the D'niverse with JD Barnes and Echo McKenzie (Scuttlebutt is that someone from the DRC may join them!)
More to Come...

Wolfie Memorial Waterpark Extravaganza! (optional, not included in the base registration cost. Deadline for signup is July 15)

Still in the Oven:
Town Hall discussions with Rand Miller, Mark DeForest, Derek Odell & More

As a reminder, Mysterium 2010 will be moving to the Central time zone next year. If you live in a city in the Central time zone and want to see Mysterium come to you next year, please submit your city as a candidate here: http://www.mysterium.net/mysterium-2010 ... n-bidding/

The deadline for location bids is June 30th!

Brought to you by the GoMe Message delivery service. Serving the community.

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