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Mysterium 2010 Location Selection Reminder
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Autor:  Szark [ 14.06.2009 - 10:59 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Mysterium 2010 Location Selection Reminder

Just a reminder that bidding for the location for Mysterium 2010 is open! We are seeking locations in the North American Central time zone. June 30th is the deadline for bids, so please get yours in as soon as you can!
Bids should include as much of the following as possible:
o sample hotel costs (ideally, 3+ two to three-star rated hotels in different points of the city) - hotels must have meeting space for at least 50 people either on-site (strongly preferred) or immediately adjacent to the hotel,
o any events that may coincide with Mysterium (late June through early August - this may include large conventions, festivals, etc.),
o local transportation options and costs (options for getting around the city, as well as for traveling to and from the airport/train station/etc. are desirable),
o local tax rates - especially sales, restaurant, and hotel taxes, and
o any other resources (links, chamber of commerce/tourism office phone numbers) relating to the area that may be helpful in planning Mysterium.
Submitting a bid means that, if possible, you commit to assisting the committee with local planning efforts, including:
o Staying in frequent contact and being available for questions while we decide locations
o Attending 1 committee meeting a month, beginning in September, following your bid's selection,
o Performing location legwork in a timely manner including:
o calling & visually inspecting hotels,
o locating attractions/food within walking distance of chosen hotel,
o assisting where needed in negotiating group deals for activities and attractions,
o obtaining visitor information from city/area, and
o assisting with on-site responsibilities such as manning registration, cat-herding events, and other tasks as needed.
In the event that you cannot submit a full bid or commit to committee assistance, partial bids will be accepted. However, committee participation is strongly preferred (as you know these cities far better than we do ;)). More complete bids may be treated more favorably than less-complete bids.
Again, bids must be received by June 30th, 2009. To submit your bid, please use the form on the Mysterium website (2010 section). Please contact Odo with any questions regarding how to assemble the information, suggestions on finding any this information for your city, for examples from past Mysterium events, or with any questions/suggestions regarding this process.

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