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The Mysterium Committee is pleased to announce that the location poll for Mysterium 2010 is now open! For those who are interested in attending next year’s Mysterium, this is your chance to have a say in where it'll be held. The poll will close on July 18, so spread the word and vote!
(Drum roll, please!) The candidate cities are:
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • St. Louis, Missouri

To vote in the poll, please visit: http://www.mysterium.net/limesurvey/index.php?sid=42269. At the start of the poll, you will be presented with an overview of each city which will include general costs, travel information, and some interesting attractions. We encourage you to review each city before you make a decision. Please note that we are running the poll a bit differently than in 2008, so please read the directions carefully. If you have problems with the poll, contact the Location Subcommittee via the Contact Form.

We will be announcing the location during Mysterium 2009 (July 30 - August 2), so watch for the results on that weekend!
Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued excitement about Mysterium. Our only goal is to provide you the best Mysterium possible, and we look forward to 2010.
TW, Odo, GermanShepherd (Location Team), and the rest of the Mysterium Committee http://www.mysterium.net

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Meister - Master

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