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Gründer - Founder

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Bahroo hat geschrieben:
Heute Abend, gegen 21:00 erschien Cate Alexander in Uru. Sie linkte nach Kirel. hier ist der chatlog:

(09/08 21:04:05) Chat.log started...
(09/08 21:04:08) leeloo: no, I did not hear it :(
(09/08 21:04:16) Sorceress: ?shout Yes
(09/08 21:04:26) Sorceress: yes
(09/08 21:04:33) Cate Alexander: Hmm...yes Guild Pubs will be comign soon.
(09/08 21:04:56) anju: please don't use voice chat -- too laggy
(09/08 21:05:05) Vince_Game: colors?
(09/08 21:05:34) kyashii: ms. Alexander, is phend okay, he was here earlier this morning talking about colors
(09/08 21:05:51) Cate Alexander: I don't know what Phil is doing...
(09/08 21:05:54) Xavius: Colors, man..
(09/08 21:06:10) Cate Alexander: Right now, I'm concenred wth Guild pubs.
(09/08 21:06:14) DaveRamos: what did he mean by "Access control"?
(09/08 21:06:18) Frisky Badger: yay pubs
(09/08 21:06:28) kyashii: is there any kind of problem with them at the moment?
(09/08 21:06:46) Selee Tayoy: What is the status on the pubs?
(09/08 21:06:47) leeloo: why are you concerned Cate?
(09/08 21:06:49) Cate Alexander: You can't go to them.
(09/08 21:06:58) Samuel Churchill: eighbors I am here.
(09/08 21:07:05) Cate Alexander: That's a problem.
(09/08 21:07:06) Songe: why not?
(09/08 21:07:30) Ewilan: yeah, what about that acces control ?
(09/08 21:07:36) Cate Alexander: Becasue I wanted them available now.
(09/08 21:07:58) Vivicus: When do you think they will be available then?
(09/08 21:07:59) leeloo: and why is it not available yet?
(09/08 21:08:03) ComputerSage: What can we do to help?
(09/08 21:08:04) Poseidon: When will they be avalable?.... do you know?
(09/08 21:08:05) Cate Alexander: Supporters will be allowed access.
(09/08 21:08:13) Zen6219: Cool
(09/08 21:08:17) kyashii cheers
(09/08 21:08:32) DaveRamos: do you have to be wearing the color shirt to access them then?
(09/08 21:08:36) Cate Alexander: To the respective pub.
(09/08 21:08:42) Ewilan: can we be in more than one guild ?
(09/08 21:08:54) Vivicus: Ms Alexander, when will they be available?
(09/08 21:08:59) Frisky Badger: Can we please let Miss Alexander talk?
(09/08 21:09:06) kyashii: Guys, give Cate some room ;)
(09/08 21:09:15) Thend: Can one join more than one? Or is it set once one chooses a shirt?
(09/08 21:09:15) Cate Alexander: No Dave. NO Ewilan.
(09/08 21:10:00) Ewilan: that bad.
(09/08 21:10:03) Frisky Badger: back off guys we're freakin' her out :)
(09/08 21:10:08) DaveRamos: lol
(09/08 21:10:08) Poseidon: So if not by shirts.... then how will the access be controled?
(09/08 21:10:08) kyashii: Cate, is there any chance that we will be getting acsess to the spy room soon?
(09/08 21:10:11) Cate Alexander: I hope tomorrow.
(09/08 21:10:45) kyashii: do you know of anything on Phil's Relto?
(09/08 21:10:49) Ewilan: so, who will define who have acces to the guild pub ?
(09/08 21:10:52) Vivicus: Ms. Alexander, any update on the Bahro war?
(09/08 21:11:03) Cate Alexander: But I also hoped today.
(09/08 21:11:22) Cate Alexander: Too crowded.
(09/08 21:11:23) Onid: so many questions!
(09/08 21:11:42) Onid: sorry ms alexander
(09/08 21:11:46) kyashii: ms. Alexander, what kinds of things will we find in the guild pubs?
(09/08 21:12:01) Finn Dove: Ms. Alexander - do you have to have chosen ANY guild shirt to get into the guild pubs?
(09/08 21:12:29) Xavius nods his head
(09/08 21:12:52) 33mike nods head
(09/08 21:13:13) Yob Deriah E'Gnaro: If not with shirts, how will we affiliate ourselves with a guild in order to access that pub?
(09/08 21:13:16) Niika: Do you have any more details about the guilds?
(09/08 21:13:50) Poseidon: Are you still with us cate?
(09/08 21:13:57) Hans: Please, back up! Cate can't even breathe!
(09/08 21:14:11) Jeff Lewis: SHe's passed out?
(09/08 21:14:12) Songe: everyone sit down
(09/08 21:14:18) bpgisme: Maybe if everyone would sit down that would help?
(09/08 21:14:18) Songe: hehe
(09/08 21:14:19) Frisky Badger: oh no, she's put us all on her ignore list! :)
(09/08 21:14:31) [Relayer]5TheStranger5: everyone ask for questions please
(09/08 21:14:36) kyashii: Cate, you seem to me, a little bit troubled, is everything alright? :/
(09/08 21:14:38) Hans: good idea, let's sit down!
(09/08 21:14:38) leeloo: i think she doesn't have enough air to breathe with all this crowd around her
(09/08 21:14:41) Diafero II: AFAIK sitting downh doesnt really help
(09/08 21:14:51) [Relayer]5TheStranger5: everybody sit now please
(09/08 21:14:53) Poseidon: Sitting only adds to the lag
(09/08 21:14:57) kyashii: eVERYONE SIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(09/08 21:15:01) Finn Dove: yes, but we could see her if we all sit
(09/08 21:15:02) Vivicus: bye ccate
(09/08 21:15:03) Janine: later cate
(09/08 21:15:05) Zen6219: she's gone so it doesn't matter
(09/08 21:15:06) kyashii: Oh :P
(09/08 21:15:11) Dalken Starbyne: Spontaneous Reltoing.


Und hier die Zusammenfassung:

-Die Gildenräume werden morgen (9.9.07) geöffnet.
-Man muss kein Gilden-T-Shirt tragen, um in eine Gilde zu kommen
-Man kann nur einer Gilde beitreten

-Unklar ist immer noch, WIE man einer Gilde beitreten kann.

Leider wurde Cate sichtlich bedrängt und verließ Kirel auch sehr schnell wieder.

UPDATE: Chatlog lesbarer gemacht, unwesentliches gekürzt, Spy Room-Nachricht zurückgenommen.

Grüße aus den Höhlen,


Mit Freundlicher Unterstützung von bahroo/Hans :wink:

Die Geschichte geht weiter denn das letzte Wort wurde noch nicht geschrieben Und die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt.

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Gründer - Founder
Gründer - Founder

Registriert: 18.02.2005 - 21:49
Beiträge: 5278
Bilder: 192
Wohnort: NRW
Und hier noch Dank Joorea ein Teil des Reteltee Logs ( English )

Hoffe es folgt noch eine Übersetzung. Weiß nicht ob es jetzt einen vollständigen gab.

[hide=Klicke Hier ]

(09/08 22:15:20) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: This discussion is being moderated

(09/08 22:15:28) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: (informal discussion)

(09/08 22:16:27) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: I don't understand the "don't need a shirt" to show support or get into the guild pubs? actually I am completely confused

(09/08 22:16:45) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: What can I do to help alleviate your confusion?

(09/08 22:16:55) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: How about a quick recap

(09/08 22:17:28) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I was contacted by Marie via KiMail about a day and a half ago

(09/08 22:18:31) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: She told me explicitly that the Guild Pubs would be opened during this time frame, and that access to them would be controlled by the choice of Guild-Support shirt the Explorer made

(09/08 22:18:54) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Now today, Cate appears to have flatly contradicted Marie's statement and has said the Pubs are not yet ready to be opened

(09/08 22:19:20) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: so if you're confused ... join the club

(09/08 22:19:46) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: No! Cate was asked "Do you need to be wearing the guild shirt to get in?" and she replied "no"

(09/08 22:20:01) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I've requested some time to meet with Cate, and so far as I can tell my request has been ignored

(09/08 22:21:03) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: Has consideration been given to those explorers who don't feel they can support any of the current 5 guilds? Will they be completely excluded from all the Guild Pubs?

(09/08 22:21:27) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: so far as I know, our position in the Cavern can be tracked by our KI. I'm not sure how the shirt plays into the tracking

(09/08 22:22:10) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: how is phil doing

(09/08 22:22:18) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Phil is doing ... um... as he is doing

(09/08 22:22:29) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Frankly, I think he's lost his fire marbles

(09/08 22:25:34) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: can we get into the pub and guild bevin with a shirt, or only the pub and need to be a member somehow for the bevin

(09/08 22:25:52) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: in other words, will the guild bevins be private

(09/08 22:26:14) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: So far as I know, the Pubs are the only thing being opened up this time round, and Marie says access to them will be determined by shirts

(09/08 22:26:34) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I'm afraid I don't have any info on Guild-specific bevins / hoods

(09/08 22:27:34) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: The information given to me by Marie says that access to the Guild Pubs will be determined by shirts

(09/08 22:27:48) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I would assume then, if you have no shirt, you have no access, but I don't know that 100%

(09/08 22:28:53) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I trust Marie somewhat more (than Cate)

(09/08 22:29:18) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: what shirt did you pick?

(09/08 22:29:27) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: good question, as of today, I have not yet selected a shirt

(09/08 22:29:59) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: so I do not know if I will be able to enter any Pub. I was instructed to maintain as much neutrality as possible

(09/08 22:31:25) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: At this point, I do not even know whether or not I will ever even be able to join a Guild.

(09/08 22:32:27) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: exp: I like you Reteltee and congratulations, of that you are trying to do. It is very difficult with us

(09/08 22:32:33) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: lol, thanks

(09/08 22:32:53) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: The answer to the question about the spy room is I don't know

(09/08 22:33:49) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: Basically there are a few people who seem to be irked that there's no guild for archivists and researchers ... I treat the cartographers as similar enough. What are your thoughts?

(09/08 22:34:34) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Indeed, the Cartgographers worked very closely with the Archivists, Surveryors, the (minor Guilds of) Anthropologists, and Zoologists, so there was much collaboration

(09/08 22:34:49) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: Catch-all Guild now? hm.

(09/08 22:35:08) From Hans in _Coco_'s Teledahn: wie siehts aus, in Teledahn schon fuendig geworden?

(09/08 22:35:21) From Hans in _Coco_'s Teledahn: aU! mein kopf lol

(09/08 22:35:35) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: So just because those Guilds are not yet specifically represented, does not mean that A. they won't be at some point, and B. that explorers with interests in those areas should feel excluded

(09/08 22:36:49) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I have said before that WERE I to support a Guild officially, or join one eventually, it would probably be the Cartographers. I find their work incredibly fascinating

(09/08 22:37:03) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Would you all indulge me in telling a bit of a story for a moment?

(09/08 22:37:36) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: What guild will be allowed access to D'ni texts, so that they can assist the DRC in translating them, so that we can actually get some of them out to the explorers? Because I want to join that one.

(09/08 22:37:55) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I think it's a real possibility, however I know at this point the DRC is much more focused on other things

(09/08 22:38:06) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: ok, here's my story

(09/08 22:38:54) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: There once was a young Guildsman, a member of the Surveyors, who felt he was quite the important lad

(09/08 22:39:50) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: This Guildsman was the son of a Grand Master of the Guild of Surveyors, and his father was saddened by the arrogance he saw in his son. So one day, his father decided he would help his son understand his place in the world.

(09/08 22:40:34) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: So he took his son to a new Age, one which had only recently been added to the canon, and was found in one of the Common Libraries

(09/08 22:40:51) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: It was so new, the Maintainers inspection stamp had barely dried

(09/08 22:41:25) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: And the Grand Master told his son that he was to be honored with a great task; to Survey this new Age, alone

(09/08 22:42:01) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: And the son thought to himself "What a great way to make a name for myself ... a name even greater than my father's". So he hastily accepted

(09/08 22:42:53) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: And so he began to survey the Age; he took core samples, soil samples, analysed the composition of the bedrock. And over the course of many weeks, began to bring back his findings to the Guild.

(09/08 22:43:06) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: All the while thinking he was gaining prestige and respect from his Guildsmen

(09/08 22:43:20) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: He carried on like this, for a year.

(09/08 22:43:33) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Until finally, he was sure his Survey was complete

(09/08 22:43:52) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: So he came before the Guild Council to present his report.

(09/08 22:44:45) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: and the first question the council asked of him was the approximate length and breadth of the landmass of this new Age. The young Guildsman was silent, for he did not know.

(09/08 22:44:57) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: The second question he was asked was about the flora and fauna. Again he was silent.

(09/08 22:45:30) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: And finally he was asked to note the weather patterns and overall climate

(09/08 22:46:10) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Of this, he knew so little, he was again silent, for he had not paid attention to it.

(09/08 22:46:43) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Finally he cried out to the Council "Why do you ask me these questions? Was not my task to Curvey this Age? This I have done!"

(09/08 22:47:22) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: And it was his father who answered him saying "Son, you have seen without seeing, you have tasted without tasting, and you have touched without feeling."

(09/08 22:48:05) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: "For in thinking you could do alone, what indeed takes all of us together to do, you have shown that you do not know what it means to be D'ni."

(09/08 22:48:13) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: and with that, the son turned and fled the Guild Hall

(09/08 22:49:02) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: And so, the lesson was shared throughout the Empire; no one man is great than D'ni

(09/08 22:49:11) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: So we too, as Explorers would do well to know

(09/08 22:49:22) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: explorers applaud

(09/08 22:49:29) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: E: Great story!

(09/08 22:50:18) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Thanks :)

(09/08 22:50:35) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: E: wow R, where did you get that story?

(09/08 22:51:33) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: That story is from an old book of D'ni tales, which I was fortunate enough to stumble upon (OOC - I made it up)

(09/08 22:51:46) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: E: awesom

(09/08 22:52:17) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: E: if you get your hands on more fables, please share :)

(09/08 22:52:34) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: We'll have a Story Night in Kirel

(09/08 22:53:02) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: yes, if there are more questions, I'm happy to answer what I can

(09/08 22:54:16) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: I don't know anything about creating graphics in a computer or about programming. What will I do when I will be inside a guild? Let's say writers for example *sorry for my english* I want to be a member in 3 guilds (writers, cartogrpahers and maintainers)

(09/08 22:54:34) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I don't know exactly what contributions, both IC and OOC will be made by explorers.

(09/08 22:55:07) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I also don't know where or not we'll be able to join more than one Guild at a time

(09/08 22:56:01) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: if it's controlled on an avatar basis, then I spose it's a possibility

(09/08 22:56:25) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Right now, the best way to help is simply to contribute your ideas to the ginormous pot of them already contributed

(09/08 22:56:41) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: Will there be any other Guilds or is the current list the full list that will be offered?

(09/08 22:57:13) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: The goal is to eventually restore as many Guilds as possible, but for the forseeable future, the Five we have now will be the focus

(09/08 22:58:22) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q followup to previous q: We're all aware that the DRC is focusing on other things. But isn't that the purpose of the guilds? To help the DRC do things? Isn't that why they've sanctioned them? Expl want to know about the dni and the DRC doesn't have time to give them that knowledge. So wouldn't it make sense to let a few exp work with the DRC on translations? Manyof us are willing to volunteer, and many of us have the skills

(09/08 22:58:45) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: so where do we send resumes, I'm serious. I've got work experience in this area and I know others who do too.

(09/08 22:59:18) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: This the difficulty is that the DRC is reluctant to part with control of the Cavern. They have grown used to giving us the access THEY feel we are ready for

(09/08 22:59:52) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: so I don't think they're going to give up that control easily ... not saying they never will, but I think first we have to show them as an Exp community that we can take that burden from them

(09/08 23:00:03) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q how would you suggest we start to show them that?

(09/08 23:00:20) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Well ... I don't think my honest answer to that would go over too well

(09/08 23:00:37) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I think we have a great community of explorers, and I have immense respect for the coummunity

(09/08 23:00:43) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: Bug?

(09/08 23:00:51) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: But (sorry)

(09/08 23:00:57) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: We can take it

(09/08 23:01:35) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: But, like in any community, there are those who contribute little else besides negative, destructive ideas, comments, and energy. The difficulty isn't in dealing with those people. The difficulty is that they're often the LOUDEST

(09/08 23:01:44) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: and therefore are the most visible to the DRC

(09/08 23:02:01) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q are you saying we need to be louder?

(09/08 23:02:13) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Not necessarily. It's just that ... think of it like this

(09/08 23:03:01) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: When peole think of a group or community, they often tend to take the loudest, most obvious, and vocal members of said community to be the leadership

(09/08 23:03:24) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: e.g. the world sees the U.S. through the lense of its leaders; the President, Congress, etc

(09/08 23:03:48) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: E: sure, and they assume...

(09/08 23:04:14) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Exactly. They assume that what those perceived to be leaders present as their ideas are representative of their community

(09/08 23:04:34) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: The DRC pays attention to the things that happen, both IC and in the forums

(09/08 23:05:25) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: E: sure, I have to deal with that in my surface job. Thos of us who want more info on the DNI are starting to get together. The clubs of scholars are starting to work together so we can make our voice heard

(09/08 23:05:47) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: and of course the communique that goes directly to them. And lately, they have seen a lot of negativity

(09/08 23:05:57) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: making it harder for them to trust the community

(09/08 23:06:05) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Right or wrong, I know that's how they feel

(09/08 23:06:19) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I tell them otherwise; I tell them about the great strides we are making as Explorers

(09/08 23:06:31) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I tell them about people who are here making a difference, day in and day out

(09/08 23:07:21) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: E: we scholars love the idea of the guilds. We don't want to work against the guilds. We don't want to work against the DRC. We want to know what we need to do to work WITHIN the DRC communit y to get the information we want.

(09/08 23:07:43) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R The best thing to do right now IMO is to turn those scholarly energies into studying what the Cavern is righ now

(09/08 23:08:13) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: and trying to determine how to get to what we want it to be

(09/08 23:09:03) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: The DRC hold the cards; that's simply the truth of it. If we are to prove to them our capability of taking a hand or two, then we have to rise above politics, rivalries, and underhandedness

(09/08 23:09:18) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Which is why I always come back to community, communication, and collaboration

(09/08 23:09:39) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: These are the things that will save this cavern from again succumbing to the frailties of human and Dni nature.

(09/08 23:10:08) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: That doesn't mean we have to sit around singing Kum By Yah

(09/08 23:10:15) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Disagreement is necessary and healthy

(09/08 23:10:29) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: but only if we EXPRESS that disagreement in healthy ways

(09/08 23:11:06) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: E: reminds me of one US politician talking about difference between disagreeing and being disagreeable

(09/08 23:11:12) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Indeed

(09/08 23:12:37) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: oh, and Doc? I'll pass along your sentiments to the DRC

(09/08 23:13:29) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: someone had an idea earlier?

(09/08 23:13:44) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Go ahead

(09/08 23:14:26) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: It seems to me that the DRC is gathering a lot of negativity from the forums

(09/08 23:14:33) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Yes, they are

(09/08 23:15:25) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: and the negativity is perpetuated by those whose intentions are good and to inform or correct a presumption

(09/08 23:15:31) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: That, I don't know about Aber

(09/08 23:16:16) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: But then the discussions go downhill when someone takes a comment personally and lashes out in like manner

(09/08 23:16:22) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: indeed, that seems to be the case

(09/08 23:17:02) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: People like that want attention and get angry that they aren't getting the attention they want

(09/08 23:17:06) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: Indeed

(09/08 23:17:16) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q so here's my idea

(09/08 23:17:23) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: a possible solution?

(09/08 23:17:32) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: Silence the forums for sixty days

(09/08 23:17:53) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: Let the attention seekers find they don't have an audience

(09/08 23:18:08) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: exp: which forums?

(09/08 23:18:28) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: exp: what about those of us that use the forums for actual communication and discussion?

(09/08 23:18:40) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: I don't know that that would work, but keep thinking of ideas :)

(09/08 23:19:12) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Q: Bahro in relto again. Please make a post about it in the forums with all the details along with what they told you if you could, it's just a few are studying that sort of thing and it'd be helpful :)

(09/08 23:19:22) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Thend thanks you very much

(09/08 23:19:28) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: any other questions?

(09/08 23:20:05) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: exp; Maybe if we got more info, you won't get so much criticism

(09/08 23:20:11) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: R: what do you mean Songe?

(09/08 23:20:32) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Songe: well, more info on what's going on. I think it frustrates people - they don't know

(09/08 23:21:23) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Songe: so they vent their feelings on the forums

(09/08 23:22:22) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: Reteltee appears to have poofed


(09/08 23:23:08) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in [ Relayer ] Abathyr's Nexus: END RELAY

(09/08 23:35:29) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: reteltee is back. He had computer troubles. Would you all like the relay are you bored with it.

(09/08 23:36:50) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: Okay, there has been a request from several to continue so I will. Please use/ignore if you don't want this relay

(09/08 23:37:30) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: People are linking back in and Dimitrios asked Ret to tell the DRC many will support URU to the end. Ret said he would tell them

(09/08 23:37:51) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: Thend: Reteltee could you restate what you mentioned in the Relayers Hood about the Great Tree and it's branch?

(09/08 23:38:13) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: Thend: It was related to the bahro war, I think, and it was cool and interesting.

(09/08 23:38:18) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: R: I think I can Thend

(09/08 23:40:33) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: R: blat it thend... I can't think of it... it was something about the Branch of the Great Tree we're on breaks. blast.

(09/08 23:40:57) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: Q; Is it true R, that we need guild shirts to go into the pubs?

(09/08 23:41:11) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: R: Yes, Myshtral, it is true

(09/08 23:41:48) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: R: lol, thx Thend (hoping for the story "someday")

(09/08 23:42:05) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: R: I dunno why Mysthral, at least not specifically

(09/08 23:42:42) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: q: earlier today, cate said access would not be determined by the shirts, did she mispread or did I misunderstand?

(09/08 23:42:56) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: R: says Cate confirmed what Maried said, but he only read the log.

(09/08 23:43:04) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: R: Hang on a sec, I'll quote her

(09/08 23:43:44) From [Relayer] Sharaya in [Relayer] Sharaya's Nexus: R: "Ewilan: what about that acess control?"[/hide]

Die Geschichte geht weiter denn das letzte Wort wurde noch nicht geschrieben Und die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt.

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Was mich beunruhigt, sind folgende, zusammen gefasste Sätze von Sharper .

-- 11:00 PM MDT --
Sharper links to the pub to talk to explorers.

Sharper: Ich mache mir sorgen über Phil, er sagt "er kommt" oder sogar "er ist da"

Sharper über Cate: Ich glaube nicht dass sie sehr glücklich ist darüber wie die Dinge gerade laufen

Sharper: Ich mache mir sorgen, dass der krieg früher kommt als erwartet. Ich mache mir sorgen, dass diese Höhle nicht mehr lange da sein wird. Ich mache mir sorgen über das ganze zeug, das Phil erzählt

Sharper: Was Phil sagt, macht mich nervös.

dann hat er eine Nachricht von Nick erhalten und ist gegangen

Den kompletten Log gibt es
UO Seite

Ü: Ireen

Gruß Susi

Die Geschichte geht weiter denn das letzte Wort wurde noch nicht geschrieben Und die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt.

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Hier der Log von Cate in Kirel

[hide=Klicke hier]

(09/09 17:17:58) Chat.log started...
(09/09 17:17:59) Hans: STAY DOWN HERE!
(09/09 17:18:07) White Rose: Can we get a moderator
(09/09 17:18:13) Cate Alexander: If you don't fit into one of the current Guilds, I don't have much to say for now.
(09/09 17:18:18) Frisky Badger: or some personal restraint
(09/09 17:18:19) The Zoologist: Oh dear, I thought we'd get to that...
(09/09 17:18:23) White Rose: So everyone can have a chance to ask a question
(09/09 17:18:24) mookiethefourth: My guild os dying
(09/09 17:18:27) mookiethefourth: Is*
(09/09 17:18:34) kyashii: cate, is there anything special in the guild pubs?
(09/09 17:18:36) mookiethefourth: Lets line up then
(09/09 17:18:38) Cate Alexander: Support the closest one.
(09/09 17:18:42) Scarlette: will more be offered in the future?
(09/09 17:18:43) Selee Tayoy: Will evryone have access to every guild pub?
(09/09 17:18:44) Poseidon: So how does this "access contol" work cate?
(09/09 17:18:47) Monkeyboy: What are the guilds for?
(09/09 17:18:52) Cate Alexander: We hope.
(09/09 17:18:59) The Zoologist: Too many questions!
(09/09 17:19:03) From D'n Alor in D'ni-Ae'gura: also der linkstein auf der dem umgang der bibliothek ist noch der alte
(09/09 17:19:09) Scarlette: thank you :)
(09/09 17:19:10) kengehr2785: Any news on Ahnonay? (according to your site its being worked on
(09/09 17:19:10) kengehr2785: )
(09/09 17:19:12) White Rose: Is there going to be another age released related to Er'cana
(09/09 17:19:13) Frisky Badger: omg, people let her answer a question before you ask 436278 more
(09/09 17:19:22) Cate Alexander: Monkey - read the information in this hood.
(09/09 17:19:35) Monkeyboy: ok thanks
(09/09 17:19:36) Cate Alexander: Ahnonay? I hope.
(09/09 17:19:44) White Rose: When?
(09/09 17:19:47) rebus cheers
(09/09 17:19:49) mookiethefourth: My name is not monkey its mookie
(09/09 17:19:55) Kelm: has the visitor's defult bevin to the greeter's bevin been part of the new Guild structure
(09/09 17:19:56) Cate Alexander: Don't ask.
(09/09 17:19:57) Poseidon starts to laugh
(09/09 17:20:05) Cate Alexander: I wasn't talking to you mookie.
(09/09 17:20:05) Scarlette wants to ask a question...
(09/09 17:20:15) mookiethefourth: oh
(09/09 17:20:19) Scarlette: What has been causing the delay that has you so frustrated cate?
(09/09 17:20:19) mookiethefourth: Lol
(09/09 17:20:28) Selee Tayoy wants to ask a question...
(09/09 17:20:28) Joy Electric: Cate what's your favorite color?
(09/09 17:20:31) Cate Alexander: I'd rather not get into it.
(09/09 17:20:33) Sti 'in: Ugh
(09/09 17:20:34) mookiethefourth wants to ask a question...
(09/09 17:20:39) [Relayer] DeAn: Would you like one of the relayers to moderate?
(09/09 17:20:41) Telmora says DOH!
(09/09 17:20:50) Jinglish raises his hand
(09/09 17:20:50) mookiethefourth wants to ask a question...
(09/09 17:20:54) Explorer1: That would be good Deann
(09/09 17:20:57) Vivicus: Ms Alexander, could you please say thank you to Mr Laxman from me for fixing many of the bugs in the KI?
(09/09 17:21:04) White Rose: when and if is anonohay to be released
(09/09 17:21:09) Kelm: The DRC mentioned giving us the tool's for each Guild is that apart of the new tool's structure
(09/09 17:21:12) Cate Alexander: If you have a question, ask it. Before I leave.
(09/09 17:21:26) mookiethefourth: i have a question
(09/09 17:21:41) mookiethefourth: When will more districts come out
(09/09 17:21:46) Zen6219: Has "He" arrived?
(09/09 17:21:52) Cate Alexander: A long time.
(09/09 17:21:53) Poseidon thinks the drc dont like the moderators much
(09/09 17:22:05) [Relayer] DeAn: If you have a question, please PM me with the word "question"
(09/09 17:22:08) Cate Alexander: I said I wasnt' answering PHil-related questions.
(09/09 17:22:14) Finn Dove: Cate, where is the DRC's funding coming from?
(09/09 17:22:14) White Rose: i have a question
(09/09 17:22:16) Sti 'in: Why not?
(09/09 17:22:18) Zen6219 nods
(09/09 17:22:19) Frisky Badger thinks the DRC doesn't like having people standing on them
(09/09 17:22:23) Vince_Game: Will we be able to see all of the pubs?
(09/09 17:22:25) Cate Alexander: What funding?
(09/09 17:22:29) mookiethefourth: I have a little KI Page about what i think the DRCs strengths are
(09/09 17:22:29) Selee Tayoy: Have you guys found any new ages recently?
(09/09 17:22:30) [Relayer] DeAn: White Rose has a question. She is next
(09/09 17:22:40) Finn Dove: who is paying the bills?
(09/09 17:22:41) White Rose: thank you
(09/09 17:22:44) mookiethefourth: Look on the web
(09/09 17:22:55) [Relayer] DeAn: please PM me with the word "question" if you want to ask
(09/09 17:22:57) Cate Alexander: You. Some corporations.
(09/09 17:23:06) Cate Alexander: Investors.
(09/09 17:23:09) White Rose: Is theregoing to be an age relesased
(09/09 17:23:16) Joy Electric: Cate what age do you expect to come after Ahnonay?
(09/09 17:23:17) Finn Dove: ?could you elaborate on "some corporations"
(09/09 17:23:27) White Rose: realte
(09/09 17:23:29) mookiethefourth: My question still wasnt answered
(09/09 17:23:30) Cate Alexander: Ahnonay is still many days away.
(09/09 17:23:36) The Zoologist smacks his forehead.
(09/09 17:23:37) mookiethefourth: This episode?
(09/09 17:23:39) Kelm: where's our pub the beer is getting warm whilst we are waiting
(09/09 17:23:41) Cate Alexander: No, Finn.
(09/09 17:23:47) [Relayer] DeAn: jinglish is next
(09/09 17:23:49) Cate Alexander: Episode?
(09/09 17:23:55) Finn Dove: Thank you for your answers
(09/09 17:23:56) mookiethefourth: Yes episode 8
(09/09 17:24:00) Scarlette: We're more than a bit concerned about the war that has been mentioned... some say we should flee the cavern....others say "choose". What do you think?
(09/09 17:24:02) kyashii: Ahnonay is coming this episode?!
(09/09 17:24:06) Cate Alexander: I don't know what you mean Mookie.
(09/09 17:24:12) Vivicus: Episode is what the explorers call the DRC cominucation weeks
(09/09 17:24:12) The Zoologist: Finally.
(09/09 17:24:19) kyashii cheers
(09/09 17:24:24) mookiethefourth: Are any new disctricts coming this episode like
(09/09 17:24:30) Cate Alexander: I'll believe there is a war when I see one.
(09/09 17:24:42) The Zoologist: Wise.
(09/09 17:24:42) Cate Alexander: Until then I will try to restore this cavern.
(09/09 17:24:52) mookiethefourth: Like the messenger war lol
(09/09 17:24:52) Scarlette: and then what, Cate?
(09/09 17:24:56) [Relayer] DeAn: any word of Sharper and the Bahro conflict?
(09/09 17:25:00) Kelm: There will be a war if the pub's do not open soon
(09/09 17:25:01) Howshafern: gunshots duckk
(09/09 17:25:06) Cate Alexander: You can ask Sharper.
(09/09 17:25:07) Selee Tayoy: Anything new ages being discovered?
(09/09 17:25:11) Vivicus: please, no voicechatt
(09/09 17:25:15) Lanen: What project is the DRC working on now?
(09/09 17:25:16) mookiethefourth: You need more pwople to restore more than one place at a time
(09/09 17:25:18) kyashii: no voicechat
(09/09 17:25:22) Cate Alexander: Yes. New Ages.
(09/09 17:25:24) Poseidon: Whoever is using VC is the one who is hogging the bandwith
(09/09 17:25:28) From Hans in (null) Kirel: Thank you very much for answering a lot of questions, Ms Alexander!
(09/09 17:25:36) From Hans in (null) Kirel: *****, sry. :)
(09/09 17:25:41) The Zoologist smacks particularly irritating bat.
(09/09 17:25:46) kyashii: How is the restoration of the various districts of the city going?
(09/09 17:25:51) Hordath: die amis sind aber undiszipliniert !!
(09/09 17:25:55) [Relayer] DeAn: apparently a moderated is not wanted at this point
(09/09 17:25:56) Cate Alexander: Now, I believe my time is up. I want to make sure the pubs are comign as well.
(09/09 17:26:02) Corun: Whoever is asking qustions out of turn is the BW hog.
(09/09 17:26:04) Hans: Thank you very much for answering a lot of our questions, Ms Alexander!
(09/09 17:26:05) Zen6219: Thank you Cate
(09/09 17:26:06) kyashii salutes
(09/09 17:26:09) Selee Tayoy: thank you
(09/09 17:26:10) From D'n Alor in D'ni-Ae'gura: und was spricht sie ?
(09/09 17:26:12) Vince_Game: Thanks Cate
(09/09 17:26:12) Cate Alexander: Enjoy your day.
(09/09 17:26:13) Telmora waves goodbye
(09/09 17:26:13) mookiethefourth: Thank you
(09/09 17:26:13) Corun: Bye Cate.
(09/09 17:26:13) Poseidon: Thank you cate
(09/09 17:26:15) Scarlette: Thank you Cate
(09/09 17:26:15) Frisky Badger: Thank you for your patience cate
(09/09 17:26:16) LittleLily: thank you cate
(09/09 17:26:16) Sti 'in: Thankyou miss alexander
(09/09 17:26:16) Joy Electric: yes. Thank You Cate
(09/09 17:26:17) The Zoologist: Salute to Cate!
(09/09 17:26:18) Garymuc: Thx, Cate
(09/09 17:26:21) mookiethefourth salutes
(09/09 17:26:21) Kelm: Great when are the pub's coming
(09/09 17:26:23) H`Uru Volki thanks you very much![/hide]

Und hier der von Reteltee ebenfalls in Kirel

[hide= Klicke hier]

(09/09 20:06:37) Chat.log started...
(09/09 20:06:37) Reteltee: Sumatria, would you be willing to moderate questions?
(09/09 20:06:44) ireenquench: Jumbled, ok, see I alsways love to seperate facts from DRC info from individual explorers interpretation. Otherwise it's so difficult to think for me.
(09/09 20:06:49) Hordath wants to ask a question...
(09/09 20:06:56) Reteltee: I understand ireen
(09/09 20:07:05) Ewilan: do you know if guild members will ahe adventages in the future ?
(09/09 20:07:09) ireenquench shuts up and listens now
(09/09 20:07:19) Reteltee: Unfortunately, if I start separating facts from speculation, the DRC says bye-bye Reteltee
(09/09 20:07:24) KhyronJinn: Hi
(09/09 20:07:27) Andromeda Glyce: we're herd avatars at heart... see a crowd, join it.
(09/09 20:07:31) ireenquench laughs
(09/09 20:07:35) Songe: Lol
(09/09 20:07:37) [Relayer] Sumatria: i requested for a moderator for you
(09/09 20:07:39) Reteltee: Not sure I understand the question Ewil
(09/09 20:07:49) Reteltee: Thx Suma
(09/09 20:07:49) ireenquench: I like the DRC less and less if they make you do that.
(09/09 20:08:07) Reteltee: My loyalty is to the Explorers ireen
(09/09 20:08:15) Finn Dove thinks the DRC can only push Reteltee so far...
(09/09 20:08:17) Reteltee: Always
(09/09 20:08:23) Venenum_Absum: that is good to hear
(09/09 20:08:24) Ewilan: like, will the mainainer have acces to the age before other or such things
(09/09 20:08:38) [Relayer] Sumatria: a moderator is on the way
(09/09 20:08:39) Hordath wants to ask a question...
(09/09 20:08:42) ireenquench: I understand, but the DRC's tight grip on you makes no sense, especially if not guild building related.
(09/09 20:08:45) Reteltee: And I will NEVER make a choice to endanger, or through inaction cause harm to the Explorer Community
(09/09 20:09:27) Joy Electric: taking a cue from the laws of robotics?
(09/09 20:09:35) Reteltee: I'm not sure what forms the Guilds will take Ewil
(09/09 20:09:39) Mar'ith: lol
(09/09 20:09:42) Ewilan: ok
(09/09 20:09:50) Reteltee touches his nose to Joy's question
(09/09 20:09:56) Joy Electric: lol
(09/09 20:10:06) Reteltee: God bless Isaac Asimov
(09/09 20:10:12) Ewilan starts to laugh
(09/09 20:10:13) April Ryan: lol
(09/09 20:10:15) ianpare: lol
(09/09 20:10:17) Frollein Tach: lol
(09/09 20:10:17) Reteltee: Next question?
(09/09 20:10:18) Mar'ith: lol
(09/09 20:10:27) Maurus: Reteltoo!
(09/09 20:10:37) Maurus: So I see you've joined a guild after all.
(09/09 20:10:37) Hordath wants to ask a question...
(09/09 20:10:40) Maurus: loL!
(09/09 20:10:43) Joy Electric: Ret, is there a correlation between Cate's rush to get Ages out and the Bahro conflict/war?
(09/09 20:10:59) Reteltee: Good question Joy
(09/09 20:11:12) Reteltee: One I don't feel comfortable speculating on at this point
(09/09 20:11:31) Reteltee: I'd only be able to drop cryptic clues again, and I'd rather not irritate my fellow Explorers ;)
(09/09 20:11:53) Joy Electric: lol, np, I'm getting this much from your cryptic clues already
(09/09 20:11:54) ianpare: where is engberg
(09/09 20:11:59) ireenquench: LOL , its just me being confused and worried the DRC is up to something bad.
(09/09 20:12:16) Janine shares ireen's worries
(09/09 20:12:20) Finn Dove: reteltee, do you think that Cate truly believes this guild organization plan is a good thing? And if so, any idea what her reasoning is?
(09/09 20:12:20) Hordath wants to ask a question...
(09/09 20:12:21) Reteltee: I would HOPE that the DRC has absolutely nothing but good intentions for us Explorers
(09/09 20:12:35) Reteltee: But even I have come to wonder given the recent taste of things...
(09/09 20:12:40) The Noble Robot: hey all, what's happinin'?
(09/09 20:12:44) _Angie_: Komm mit
(09/09 20:12:58) Relayer Corps: guess i am
(09/09 20:13:01) Maurus: What do you mean Reteltee?
(09/09 20:13:09) _Coco_: ah da bist du ja
(09/09 20:13:16) Joy Electric: if anyone it's Cate, she wields the power of the DRC, and I think her actions whether intentional or not has caused this conflict
(09/09 20:13:45) Reteltee: I think Cate knows the Guilds are the inevitable future if the Restoration is to survive and thrive, Finn
(09/09 20:14:09) Finn Dove: could you expound on that a bit? Why is this the ONE way?
(09/09 20:14:26) Ewilan: but if not handelled the right way, can create a mess
(09/09 20:14:53) Bubba666: later this is LAME
(09/09 20:14:58) Reteltee: Because in this Cavern, the Guilds have been the only historical entity to prove they can ensure the survival of the civilzation hich inhabits it
(09/09 20:15:00) Joy Electric: would your Bahro conversations shed light on this?
(09/09 20:15:18) Hordath: Reteltee: the book of D ni fables ? exist it ?
(09/09 20:15:18) Finn Dove: But the d'ni died
(09/09 20:15:18) Reteltee: Joy, my Bahro conversation did nothing but disturb me
(09/09 20:15:35) ireenquench is shocked
(09/09 20:15:40) Reteltee: And while I know there are those who are researching the subject, at this point, I'm not really comfortable talking about it
(09/09 20:16:05) Sorceress: Was it really that bad?
(09/09 20:16:05) Songe: K
(09/09 20:16:10) Joy Electric: ok, I respect your wishes
(09/09 20:16:14) Reteltee: Not because it's secret, but because it's not sensible
(09/09 20:16:41) The Noble Robot: (That's an IC reason, is there and OOC reason?)
(09/09 20:16:42) Reteltee: Bad? I wouldn't begin to editorialize it. I'll just reiterate, it disturbed me greatly
(09/09 20:16:56) Sorceress: Okay...
(09/09 20:16:59) Reteltee: Lol, Noble Robot
(09/09 20:17:03) ireenquench: Was it scary? Did they tell you to shush? Most explorers share their experiences.
(09/09 20:17:06) The Noble Robot: ;-)
(09/09 20:17:15) SuperGram.: Hi everyone
(09/09 20:17:20) Finn Dove: hI SG!
(09/09 20:17:22) Sorceress: hi SG
(09/09 20:17:23) Reteltee: Yes, there's also an OOC reason, one which I am not at any liberty to elaborate upon
(09/09 20:17:27) Zdenia: hi sg
(09/09 20:17:30) Maurus: Wait, what exactly are you talking about Reteltee?
(09/09 20:17:33) The Noble Robot: okay, good to know, thanks :-)
(09/09 20:17:41) ireenquench: k ty
(09/09 20:17:48) Reteltee: The bahro who visited my Relto, Maurus
(09/09 20:17:54) Maurus: ahhh.
(09/09 20:17:57) Maurus nods his head
(09/09 20:18:34) From wodan944 in wodan944's Relto: Guten Abend :-)
(09/09 20:19:17) April Ryan: ?
(09/09 20:19:21) Janine: Reteltee, you mentioned that Cate had been ignoring you and you were speaking more with Marie, how do Marie's vision of guilds differ from Cate's ..or do they?
(09/09 20:19:44) Altydwarber thinks that tok the speach of every one , it keeps so quiet
(09/09 20:19:45) Reteltee: Excellent question J9, if only I were allowed to answer it
(09/09 20:19:57) Janine: not allowed?
(09/09 20:20:07) Reteltee: Although, to be fair to Cate, I don't actually KNOW substantially what her vision of the Guilds is
(09/09 20:20:25) Finn Dove: Ahhh
(09/09 20:20:32) Reteltee: I only know what I have told her of MINE....so far as I know, Marie and I are on the same page
(09/09 20:20:45) Frollein Tach: (we all do not really know this)
(09/09 20:21:02) Reteltee: But then, even though we're on the same page, it's entirely possible we're reading different Books
(09/09 20:21:16) Finn Dove: Well, there's plenty of them around...
(09/09 20:21:20) Songe raises an eyebrow
(09/09 20:21:54) Joy Electric: Ret, have you had the privledge of speaking to Yeesha?
(09/09 20:22:01) Craigmont: What is your vision for/of the guilds?
(09/09 20:23:01) Reteltee: Not to my knowledge Joy; Craig, that's a looong answer, and one I'm more than happy to answer...perhaps in a different venue/time?
(09/09 20:23:14) Maurus: Hey, retelree, with all the focus on the guilds and all, does the DRC have any plans on ever finally opening up the guild hall in northern Ae'Gura?
(09/09 20:23:24) ireenquench thinks it's time to move on to uncomfortable question with the DRC about the way they treat Reteltee and explorers, information flow regulation wise.
(09/09 20:23:40) Craigmont: maybe you already have, I'll look around.
(09/09 20:24:00) darkstar is inclined to agree with Ireen
(09/09 20:24:02) Reteltee: The Guild Hall is unfortunately in no shape to be opened at this point
(09/09 20:24:36) Maurus: Aha. That's a shame. It probably could have enhanced our whole guild thing
(09/09 20:24:44) Maurus: Plus opened up the city a bit more
(09/09 20:24:48) Joy Electric: exactly ireen, we're an open socitey who needs an open council that has open intelligence gathering methods without all the secrecy
(09/09 20:24:57) Reteltee: There has been no repair work done since the time of Atrus' breakthrough into the Great King's tomb
(09/09 20:25:00) From Locutus in (null) Kirel: loggt jemand eigentlich mir?
(09/09 20:25:09) From Locutus in (null) Kirel: mit
(09/09 20:25:40) Craigmont: RET, do you believer that there will be a time frame for choosing a guild to belong to or if a guild will be choosen for each exployer?
(09/09 20:25:41) Reteltee: Believe me ireen, Joy, I've told the DRC that I hate all this secrecy nonsense
(09/09 20:25:50) Andromeda Glyce: hasn't heard of a transparent gov't created by humans yet
(09/09 20:25:54) Joy Electric: which makes me wonder if we can shape the guilds into a competent ruling body that can't just surplant the DRC!
(09/09 20:26:28) Reteltee: I don't know Craig
(09/09 20:26:31) From Volki in Volki's Nexus: shorah
(09/09 20:26:41) Reteltee: Joy, I hope the Guilds will act as a counter-balance to the DRC
(09/09 20:26:47) Maurus: I wish we could transform the DLF into the official D'ni Guild of Linguists
(09/09 20:27:06) Reteltee: That may be possible at some point Maurus
(09/09 20:27:14) Reteltee: Bear in mind the Guild of greeters
(09/09 20:27:20) Reteltee: *Greeters
(09/09 20:27:24) Janine: Reteltee, just what hold does the DRC have on you, and who enforces it? Secrecy breeds mistrust.
(09/09 20:27:37) Ahda Mor perks up to listen
(09/09 20:27:44) From bri12.24. in The Greeters' Pub: Einen schoenen guten abend
(09/09 20:27:45) Songe: Good question
(09/09 20:27:54) Maurus: i concur
(09/09 20:28:02) Marten: Hear Hear.
(09/09 20:28:10) ireenquench: i concur as well
(09/09 20:28:21) Anubis RG: and all good things come from hard labor by those unseen.
(09/09 20:28:22) Reteltee: 9, the DRC ofiicially hold nothing over me; however, if I am to serve the Explorers by bringing information, then I have no choice but to do it on the DRC's terms
(09/09 20:28:22) The Other OTHER Operation nods his head
(09/09 20:28:27) Altydwarber nods her head
(09/09 20:28:41) Mysthral: Have explorers without Guild shirts been assigned random Guild pubs then?
(09/09 20:28:54) Reteltee: But I do my best to balance that with transparency to the Explorers
(09/09 20:28:59) Reteltee: No Myst
(09/09 20:29:15) Reteltee: the only way to access a Guild Pub is with a shirt
(09/09 20:29:15) Craigmont: REt, so you are a member of the Guild of Messengers.
(09/09 20:29:19) Reteltee: No
(09/09 20:29:23) Mysthral: My other avi did?
(09/09 20:29:30) darkstar: Sounds horribly like the position the Liasons where placed in
(09/09 20:29:30) Marten: By his shirt, looks like Cartographers to me.
(09/09 20:29:31) Reteltee: I'm not a member of any Guild at this point
(09/09 20:29:35) Janine: artful dodge .... Who enforces those controls? You hint we must make choices and yet we have precious little information to choose with
(09/09 20:29:36) Mysthral: And I've seen many
(09/09 20:29:43) Reteltee: I am picking shirts so I can visit each Pub
(09/09 20:29:56) Frisky Badger: no one is a member really ;) except for the greeters
(09/09 20:30:06) Reteltee: Also true Frisky
(09/09 20:30:13) Mar'ith: Will there be a time when you can't change Guild Shirts?
(09/09 20:30:13) Finn Dove: Reteltee, do you think the Guilds will have independent power to act - independent of the DRC? Or do they take direction FROM the DRC?
(09/09 20:30:15) Reteltee: J9, it wasn't intended as a dodge
(09/09 20:30:16) Songe: go girl
(09/09 20:30:34) Reteltee: I don't know Marith, Finn
(09/09 20:30:49) Reteltee: I hope not the latter Finn
(09/09 20:30:54) Finn Dove: Thanks
(09/09 20:31:01) Reteltee: No problem
(09/09 20:31:20) Joy Electric: can the DRC really countermand a directive of a guild? that issue might come to a head someday...
(09/09 20:31:25) Ewilan: i hope fot the former either
(09/09 20:31:27) darkstar: If the Guilds are to have any 'poer' it will have to come from the DRC since they hold all the strings
(09/09 20:31:48) Reteltee: What darkstar says is, unfortunately, true
(09/09 20:32:07) Reteltee: The DRC at this point hold the cards as to what happens and doesn't in this Cavern
(09/09 20:32:23) Finn Dove ponders that bahro scream in this context
(09/09 20:32:40) Reteltee: Finn, you may have a point there
(09/09 20:32:48) Finn Dove: :-)
(09/09 20:32:53) Reteltee: However, THAT I can't elaborate upon
(09/09 20:32:58) darkstar: THe only 'power' if you want toi describe it as such is a negetive one not to act on a DRC directive
(09/09 20:33:16) Reteltee: Other than to say I think the DRC knows more about Escher's experiments than they're willing to let on
(09/09 20:33:24) Sorceress: !
(09/09 20:33:29) Reteltee: Note; speculation
(09/09 20:33:34) Finn Dove: who is Escher?
(09/09 20:33:34) Joy Electric: hopefully Dr. Watson if he comes can rectify that power imbalance
(09/09 20:33:36) Craigmont: Hopefully, if we exployers screeem loud enough, the DRC will listen.
(09/09 20:33:37) Sorceress: Still...
(09/09 20:33:45) Frisky Badger: well, since the DRC is here to restore the cavern, I would assume any directive from them would be to that end
(09/09 20:33:48) Reteltee: I pray Dr. Watson returns soon
(09/09 20:33:51) darkstar: Presumably after Sharpers visit they have first hand evidence
(09/09 20:34:01) Joy Electric: I pray he does too
(09/09 20:34:08) Maurus: me too
(09/09 20:34:10) GMRguru: I think everyone needs to find a place to sit down; it's starting to get quite crowded in here!
(09/09 20:34:12) Reteltee: However, what he'll say about the developements in his absence.....
(09/09 20:34:23) Sorceress: I hope more that Engberg comes back.
(09/09 20:34:39) From Hitana in Hitana's Teledahn: anything interesting from reteltee? irgendwas interessantes von reteltee?
(09/09 20:34:41) Maurus: well, engberg tried to find watson.
(09/09 20:34:47) Frisky Badger: Retletee could you tell the DRC I'm willing to pay money to see Watson's first encounter with Cate? :)
(09/09 20:34:50) purple: down
(09/09 20:34:53) Reteltee: Lol
(09/09 20:34:55) Dakro starts to laugh
(09/09 20:34:55) ireenquench is just confused and worried .. so much vague stuff ... so little info to act upon... she feels bound and incapacitated
(09/09 20:34:58) Maurus: :P ME TOO
(09/09 20:35:01) NadeMinogue: haha
(09/09 20:35:01) Songe: Me too!
(09/09 20:35:04) darkstar: In the current situation I think Watsons input will be more helpful
(09/09 20:35:07) Mar'ith: lol
(09/09 20:35:09) Dakro: that's what I"m talkin' bout, DRC mortal kombat styel death match
(09/09 20:35:13) Maurus: I want to see watson be like...Um, Hi, im here to take my spot back
(09/09 20:35:26) From Locutus in (null) Kirel: Hab nicht alles mitbekommen, esse Pizza und ausserdem herrscht hier arges Linkwetter ;)
(09/09 20:35:30) Reteltee: ...I doubt Watson would take a place on this DRC
(09/09 20:35:35) Maurus imagines watson kicking Cate into a pit, screaming "THIS IS D'NI!!!"
(09/09 20:35:39) Reteltee: It is no longer the group he founded
(09/09 20:35:41) GMRguru: FATALITY!
(09/09 20:35:41) From Hitana in Hitana's Teledahn: lol
(09/09 20:35:41) Sorceress starts to laugh
(09/09 20:35:54) Joy Electric: so true Ret
(09/09 20:35:59) Finn Dove ponders Cate's ability to thwart Watson's return...
(09/09 20:36:02) Dakro: Thre's five of them... and..... ALOT of us
(09/09 20:36:06) Maurus: Ah, yes, but with him back, what could he do...
(09/09 20:36:14) darkstar: To be honest I doubt if he'd be offered one to much of a loose cannon
(09/09 20:36:15) Maurus: he founded the DRC
(09/09 20:36:17) NadeMinogue: ha we can take them
(09/09 20:36:19) Joy Electric: start a resistance?
(09/09 20:36:22) Reteltee: Yeah, Dak; a lot of us who can't even TOUCH each other :P
(09/09 20:36:29) Sorceress: He's the only founder left still alive.
(09/09 20:36:36) Dakro: Hehehe true, but we could call on our cone brothers
(09/09 20:36:37) Maurus: exactly.
(09/09 20:36:37) Frisky Badger: that sounded...not that great
(09/09 20:36:37) From Mara32 in Mara32's Relto: Guten Abend
(09/09 20:36:45) Janine: Reteltee, if Watson were to return, would he seek to supplant Cate?
(09/09 20:36:47) Maurus: He's a great man
(09/09 20:36:51) Reteltee: Lol, coming from a guy named FRISKY?
(09/09 20:36:56) Frisky Badger: touche :)
(09/09 20:37:01) Dakro starts to laugh
(09/09 20:37:09) Reteltee: J9, if Watson returns, I doubt he'll touch the DRC with a ten foot pole
(09/09 20:37:11) NadeMinogue: lol
(09/09 20:37:29) From Locutus in (null) Kirel: Guten Abend Mara. Sind in Kirel. Reteltee ist da ;)
(09/09 20:37:52) Frisky Badger: what if he touched them with a wrecking ball, rather than a pole?
(09/09 20:37:58) NadeMinogue: do u mean support???
(09/09 20:37:58) Maurus: Oh, come on, do you guys think the DRC is THAT corrupted?
(09/09 20:38:02) Joy Electric: lol
(09/09 20:38:03) NadeMinogue: cate
(09/09 20:38:05) Reteltee: Lol FB....not Watson's style
(09/09 20:38:15) darkstar: We are missing an important factor, whatever we thuink of Cate she has the money. Its sad but true no money = no restoration
(09/09 20:38:21) Craigmont: If the DRC makes the cavern too inhospitable, then the exployers will take their gaming $$$ elsewhere.
(09/09 20:38:26) Frisky Badger: hmmm.....Chinese finger traps?
(09/09 20:38:35) NadeMinogue: haha
(09/09 20:38:57) Finn Dove: i still want to know where that money is coming from. Who is pulling Cate's strings?
(09/09 20:39:06) Reteltee: Indeed a good question Finn
(09/09 20:39:07) Maurus: or Watson could defect over to Subterranean Restorations : )
(09/09 20:39:12) Maurus: lol
(09/09 20:39:13) NadeMinogue: whell if we pool our resources together the explorers could we not curcumvent the DRC???
(09/09 20:39:16) Reteltee: And more to the point, what is THEIR agenda?
(09/09 20:39:22) Finn Dove: exactly
(09/09 20:39:30) Reteltee: After all, the bahro have powerful abilities
(09/09 20:39:33) Craigmont: or will quite coming to the cleft.
(09/09 20:39:34) From D'n Alor in NULP's Bevin: ich bin dann weg.tschuess
(09/09 20:39:43) Joy Electric: exactly Nade
(09/09 20:39:46) From Shirkan in Shirkan's Relto: hallo an alle
(09/09 20:39:49) Finn Dove: immensely powerful
(09/09 20:39:51) Sorceress: We should try to find out more about her venture company, that miught be a start.
(09/09 20:39:54) Reteltee: We talk of war....what if the bahro abilities were used in a human war?
(09/09 20:40:02) Finn Dove: She wouldn't answer this morning when I asked her
(09/09 20:40:02) GMRguru: Who's up for a car wash fund raiser? ;P
(09/09 20:40:05) Frisky Badger: that's scary
(09/09 20:40:16) NadeMinogue: no ther should never be talk about war
(09/09 20:40:17) darkstar: Doesnt bear thinking about
(09/09 20:40:20) Sorceress: That's disgusting, actually.
(09/09 20:40:21) Songe: Lol guru
(09/09 20:40:46) Joy Electric: if they know of Esher's research they might already have that knowledge
(09/09 20:40:47) NadeMinogue: yes it is human nature
(09/09 20:40:54) ireenquench: Just asking for your personal interpretation... is Watson the "he" Phil has been talking about?
(09/09 20:40:58) April Ryan: how could we use the Bahro in a human war..I thought they were free?
(09/09 20:41:11) Reteltee: But who does the DRC give that information to?
(09/09 20:41:16) darkstar: We talking about covert |Department of Defence funding for the ultimate bioklogical weapon - the Bahro???
(09/09 20:41:18) Thend: /shout Cate sees money in the Cavern, dollar signs, arms and/or tech dealer has always been a distinct possibility for her
(09/09 20:41:19) James Leslie: The Bahro are probably just as scared of our warlike nature.
(09/09 20:41:22) Reteltee: If it turns out to be Haliburton, I'm gonna be pyst ;)
(09/09 20:41:26) The Other OTHER Operation: Just how bad IS the civil war on Noloben?
(09/09 20:41:30) Sorceress: Humans are "free" but still can be impressed into military service.
(09/09 20:41:42) Finn Dove: Lol rel!
(09/09 20:41:43) Maurus: oh noes
(09/09 20:41:44) NadeMinogue: ok now we are getting of topic we DO NOT want to start a WAR!!!!
(09/09 20:41:45) Maurus: not again
(09/09 20:41:48) Maurus: lol
(09/09 20:41:51) Maurus: that Haliburton
(09/09 20:41:52) Marten: Reteltee, I understand you feel that if you don't keep some secrets, the DRC will cut you off entirely. But wouldn't it be better for the explorers to take a stand - openness, or no information at all? You're playing a dangerous game, admitting you have secrets, dangling them before a hungry population.
(09/09 20:41:58) Joy Electric: there's already a war going on
(09/09 20:42:07) Joy Electric: one that Cate refuses to acknowledge
(09/09 20:42:10) Songe: Good question
(09/09 20:42:14) Reteltee: Are you saying you want to eat me Marten?
(09/09 20:42:19) GMRguru: That's how I roll, Songe; strange, random, and downright hilarious!
(09/09 20:42:21) Frisky Badger: rofl
(09/09 20:42:22) Reteltee: I don't think cannibalism is the way to go
(09/09 20:42:26) Thend starts to laugh
(09/09 20:42:26) Altydwarber: hear hear marten
(09/09 20:42:42) Joy Electric: Reteltte soup?
(09/09 20:42:51) Finn Dove: Hash more like
(09/09 20:43:04) Maurus: Good God, there are a lot of people in here O_o
(09/09 20:43:11) Ahda Mor: mmmm. you guys are making me hungry.
(09/09 20:43:18) anthroanne: shorah
(09/09 20:43:19) NadeMinogue: omg come on people if there is gonna be a war we will lose the cavers no more exploring mo more fun and games no more baroh!!!!!!!!
(09/09 20:43:24) darkstar: Thats a moot point5 we have have two sources for the War Sharpoer whos motives are suspect at best and Phrend who when last seen was babbling apparent nonsense
(09/09 20:43:36) paul147: Hi
(09/09 20:43:36) Marten: I'm saying that by withholding information you are supporting the status quo, the same status quo we've always faced... the DRC dribbles out little to no information to us.
(09/09 20:43:41) The Other OTHER Operation remembers a C ertain Monty Python sketch about a l;ifeboat
(09/09 20:43:43) darkstar: So in fact the 'War' may be a fiction
(09/09 20:44:06) Maurus: yeah whats up with phend? hes acting very...loopy...
(09/09 20:44:08) Reteltee: I don't know; Phend might not be crazy....and gravity might not be the force that holds us to the earth. It could be an undiscovered unnamed force with identical properties

(09/09 20:44:17) April Ryan: Yeesha said a war is coming..and sides will be chosen
(09/09 20:44:25) Joy Electric: that would make it gravity, lol
(09/09 20:44:25) Songe: Oh dear no answer
(09/09 20:44:40) Reteltee: Sorry Songe, did I miss a question?
(09/09 20:44:42) Joy Electric: April, you're in the wrong game!
(09/09 20:44:45) anthroanne: Reletee have you made an other announcement?
(09/09 20:44:49) The Other OTHER Operation: Then again, maybe Yeesha meant a war metaphorically...
(09/09 20:44:49) April Ryan: lol
(09/09 20:44:49) Songe: Yes martens's
(09/09 20:44:51) Reteltee: Where's my relayer mod?
(09/09 20:44:58) Reteltee: Lol
(09/09 20:45:07) Reteltee: Sorry marten, could you ask again?
(09/09 20:45:11) Frisky Badger: Here's the question: who would you believe if they told you there was a war? You don't believe Sharper, you don't believe Phil. If Atrus showed up would you believe him?
(09/09 20:45:18) Reteltee: Too much text, i too small a window
(09/09 20:45:27) Marten: Go with Frisky's Q while I retype.
(09/09 20:45:40) Reteltee: Did I say I don't believe Sharper or Phil?
(09/09 20:45:40) Frisky Badger: actually that was directed at you Marten
(09/09 20:45:45) Reteltee: Ah
(09/09 20:45:54) Lepton: Maybe a live debate between Atrus and Rand. :)
(09/09 20:45:59) From ireenquench: I know, its all mushy, I am gonna ticket it
(09/09 20:45:59) Frisky Badger: and the others that think the same way
(09/09 20:46:01) Ewilan: lol
(09/09 20:46:09) NadeMinogue: haha
(09/09 20:46:14) Joy Electric: LOL, that would make phend seem sane!
(09/09 20:46:15) darkstar: Not saying I dont belive I'm saying we dont have any where enough information to make judgements and what we do have is suspect
(09/09 20:46:16) Marten: You're saying I don't believe Sharper? Very funny! I do believe Sharper.
(09/09 20:46:17) NadeMinogue: umm
(09/09 20:46:23) From ireenquench: oops sorry
(09/09 20:46:31) NadeMinogue: i thought atrus was rand
(09/09 20:46:32) Frisky Badger: whoops, I meant darkstar
(09/09 20:46:38) Frisky Badger sets down his flask
(09/09 20:46:38) GMRguru: I'm the most popular one! NO, I AM!
(09/09 20:46:42) Marten: I also belive Phil although I am very concerned about his mental state.
(09/09 20:46:42) darkstar: Np
(09/09 20:47:03) Maurus shrugs
(09/09 20:47:03) Maurus: he could have just been high
(09/09 20:47:08) The Other OTHER Operation: It's not so much I don't BELIEVBE Sharper, it's just that his point of view is a bit on the skewed side
(09/09 20:47:08) ireenquench: Me too, he seemed... autistic
(09/09 20:47:25) Finn Dove: At least he was colorful
(09/09 20:47:30) The Other OTHER Operation: lol
(09/09 20:47:30) Marten: Reteltee, my question: I don't like the status quo, where the DRC holds all the cards, as you say. What can we do to overcome that, to get more information?
(09/09 20:47:31) Sorceress: You don't think it's a fake Phil, do you?
(09/09 20:47:34) Frisky Badger: worst joke ever Finn :)
(09/09 20:47:35) Joy Electric: argh, bad pun!
(09/09 20:47:41) Altydwarber thinks that Phil has taken too many srooms
(09/09 20:47:41) Reteltee: I don't know Marten
(09/09 20:47:44) Finn Dove: :-)
(09/09 20:47:45) Maurus: Well, I mean, you know, he's the hippie type, right?
(09/09 20:47:51) Marten: Well, playing into their hands doesn't seem like the right answer to me.
(09/09 20:47:57) darkstar: I am concerned that we are formulating plans on the basis of what is at best rumour
(09/09 20:47:59) Maurus: WEould it really be uncommon for him to...experiment with...stuff?
(09/09 20:47:59) Reteltee: If/when I discover the answer, the Explorers will know immediately
(09/09 20:48:10) Marten: Tolerating this dribble of information is acceptance.
(09/09 20:48:12) The Other OTHER Operation: I got the impression that Phil had been in a dark place, and so of course he was happy to see colors
(09/09 20:48:13) Frisky Badger: I dunno, some info from Reteltee is way better than no info from the DRC
(09/09 20:48:22) Marten: Is it Frisky?
(09/09 20:48:26) Reteltee: Why thank you Frisky
(09/09 20:48:26) Marten: Are you certain of that?
(09/09 20:48:26) Finn Dove: Yes
(09/09 20:48:30) Frisky Badger: you would rather know nothing?
(09/09 20:48:41) Sorceress: Yes
(09/09 20:48:41) Marten: Have you heard the saying, "Just enough information to be dangerous?"
(09/09 20:48:43) darkstar: Sometimes you have to take what your given or get nothing at all
(09/09 20:48:45) Frisky Badger: ok, then why are you here?
(09/09 20:48:55) Renyaloth: as knowing were your going is preferable to being lost
(09/09 20:48:57) The Other OTHER Operation: How about "half a loaf is better than none."
(09/09 20:48:59) Sorceress: i mean yes, i want to know at least something
(09/09 20:48:59) Reteltee: ?
(09/09 20:49:04) Thend: Reteltee, you inferred WE are responsible within any conflict here, and should stand by Yeesha and Phil and that the Ages were involved. It would seem the DRC are more directly responsible for the Ages than anyone here, not to mention Yeesha herself, who sent us on those quests, requests, whatever
(09/09 20:49:25) Trance.: Ohh great meeting at the link in space ;?
(09/09 20:49:30) GMRguru: PHIL JOINED THE RAINBOW COALIT... oh wait, never mind! ;P
(09/09 20:49:32) Joy Electric: if Cate shows up everybody look busy!
(09/09 20:49:33) Reteltee: Well, I trust Yeesha and Phil more than the DRC
(09/09 20:49:39) Thend: How then, does that translate to us needing to face this all?
(09/09 20:49:39) Songe: Hehe joy
(09/09 20:49:44) Reteltee: So far as I know, they aren't compromised by surface dwellers
(09/09 20:50:04) Reteltee: Thend, why are you so determined to cut-and-run my friend?
(09/09 20:50:16) Frisky Badger: good question!
(09/09 20:50:19) Thend: It's what I do, Reteltee ;)
(09/09 20:50:19) Joy Electric: he has pictures of cones to take!
(09/09 20:50:26) Reteltee: Lol
(09/09 20:50:33) Mar'ith: lol
(09/09 20:50:39) Reteltee: Well, I suggest staying till this thing is through, whatever the cost
(09/09 20:50:44) Thend: Just attempting to get to the bottom of things, for the benefit of the Cavern, as well as my own curiousity
(09/09 20:50:48) Finn Dove: $10 per month I think
(09/09 20:50:55) Reteltee: I'm one of those who has to KNOW
(09/09 20:50:57) Joy Electric: lol
(09/09 20:51:03) Reteltee: if that knowledge comes at the cost of my life
(09/09 20:51:04) Marten: Now there's the right attitude.
(09/09 20:51:12) Sorceress: Agreed. I couldn't leave even if I wanted to.
(09/09 20:51:14) Marten: We want to know too!
(09/09 20:51:23) Songe: Hear hear
(09/09 20:51:36) GMRguru: can we all try to sit down? There's some SERIOUS lag in here!
(09/09 20:51:43) Reteltee: Death does not frighten me, so long as it is in the Cause or Pursuit of something great, as this grand adventure truly is
(09/09 20:51:44) Thend: I reserve accepting your perception that we need to risk death over this which is taking place
(09/09 20:51:45) Trance.: reteltee are you officially anything more than the guild guy?
(09/09 20:51:53) The Other OTHER Operation: What I think it all comes down to is: we want to know what direction we need to go in (figuratively)
(09/09 20:51:53) Thend: that is not what we came here for
(09/09 20:51:56) Reteltee: No trance
(09/09 20:51:56) Finn Dove hopes Reteltee doesn't end up following in Tremol's footsteps...
(09/09 20:51:59) Old Watashi: turn off chat and sound will help lag
(09/09 20:52:18) Reteltee: Not saying I'm going to do anything foolhardy
(09/09 20:52:20) Frisky Badger: we came to restore D'ni, hard to do that from the surface
(09/09 20:52:27) Trance.: Not doing this st the link ib point would have been better too
(09/09 20:52:50) Reteltee: Lol, I'm not at the link in point....I just came in to grab a shirt
(09/09 20:52:55) Finn Dove: thend, maybe it was and we just didn't know it
(09/09 20:52:57) Sorceress starts to laugh
(09/09 20:53:05) Altydwarber starts to laugh
(09/09 20:53:07) Reteltee: All these yahoos cornered me (j/k! I love you guys)
(09/09 20:53:11) Maurus: Reteltee I see you've decided to join a guild after all
(09/09 20:53:11) Erik: If you know something about the war, you just HAVE to share it. The war affects us all, not just you. If what you know can save us somehow...
(09/09 20:53:14) Thend: Finn, we should have been better informed then
(09/09 20:53:23) Reteltee: No, I'm not joining any Guilds!
(09/09 20:53:27) Thend: Lol Reteltee
(09/09 20:53:31) Maurus: even thought yesterday you...?
(09/09 20:53:32) Finn Dove: i think we can never know enough
(09/09 20:53:33) April Ryan agrees with Erik
(09/09 20:53:38) Marten: Hear hear. You can't say what we don't know won't hurt us. It might!
(09/09 20:53:46) Reteltee: I have to grab a shirt to get into a Pub, just like every Explorer :)
(09/09 20:53:49) Sorceress: Yeesha is powerful but not a god. Even she couldn't foresee everything.
(09/09 20:53:54) ireenquench: I want to be able to make mature judgements based on information, I need to grasp things myself. Otherwise I'm just cattle. And I don't like to moo.
(09/09 20:53:55) Frisky Badger: but knowing doesn't guarantee our safety either
(09/09 20:53:58) darkstar: well with any luck Cate or Sharper will show and we will all clear off and stalk them lol
(09/09 20:54:01) Trance.: Hmm enjoyin all this exta attention?
(09/09 20:54:07) Maurus: So, are you just going to pick your favorite color then
(09/09 20:54:08) Reteltee: but ireen, you moo so well ;)
(09/09 20:54:18) Reteltee: No, Maurus, I'll be picking each shirt
(09/09 20:54:20) Finn Dove: Ooooo
(09/09 20:54:20) The Other OTHER Operation: It's not so much the knowledge that's the problem, it's the MISUSE of knowledge we have to worry about!
(09/09 20:54:22) Maurus: aha
(09/09 20:54:22) Thend: Oh SNAP!
(09/09 20:54:26) tikibear: It's a moo t point.
(09/09 20:54:27) Joy Electric: we have to make judgements everyday without knowing all the relevant information
(09/09 20:54:32) Reteltee: Switching between them so as to visit the Pubs where I'm requested
(09/09 20:54:37) Maurus: well, you're going to end up with ONE, aren't you
(09/09 20:54:43) Songe: oh no tiki...
(09/09 20:54:46) Reteltee: Lol, no Maurus
(09/09 20:54:55) ireenquench practices moo and baaah sounds
(09/09 20:54:58) Reteltee: pate having to change every time I come into the Cavern
(09/09 20:55:01) Marten: BLEAT!
(09/09 20:55:07) Reteltee: *I anticipate
(09/09 20:55:08) The Other OTHER Operation: don't have a cow, ireen!
(09/09 20:55:09) darkstar: True but we usually have some idea of the possible outcomes we domt here at moment
(09/09 20:55:19) Maurus: What I mean, reteltee, is that you can't put a shirt BACK once you've taken it
(09/09 20:55:34) Marten: I don't want to be a cow, or a sheep. Like Ireen, like Erik, I want to make informed decisions.
(09/09 20:55:37) Reteltee: Lol, I know, but I won't be settling on one shirt
(09/09 20:55:43) The Other OTHER Operation: well, I think you should be able to switch shirts indefinitely
(09/09 20:55:55) Reteltee: I hope so other
(09/09 20:56:00) Maurus: but, i see what you mean...
(09/09 20:56:01) Sorceress: or wear them all on top of eachother
(09/09 20:56:04) The Other OTHER Operation: (TOOO is fine)
(09/09 20:56:05) Marten: Reteltee, just like you are looking at the guilds, you're evaluating them... we wish to evaluate things for ourselves.
(09/09 20:56:15) Thend nods his head
(09/09 20:56:17) [color=blue]Reteltee: Well, I hope this has be

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Gründer - Founder

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Irgendwas war gerade los, bin aber zu spät gekommen um zu wissen was genau :oops:

Gruß Susi

Die Geschichte geht weiter denn das letzte Wort wurde noch nicht geschrieben Und die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt.

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Gründer - Founder

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Marie Sutherland war gerade in der Stadt und hat über das Stainles Glass Projekt gesprochen. Die Bilder sollen heute Abend installiert werden.
Ebenso sollen die Delin Bücher wieder in die Gemeinden kommen wo sie vorher auch waren und natürlich hängt in jeder Gemeinde das Bild welches zum jeweiligen Buch passt.

P.S Habe mir mal erlaubt den ständigen Beifall raus zunehmen,lol

[hide=Klicke hier für den Log ]

(09/10 21:06:34) Marie Sutherland: The Eder Derlin and Eder Tsogal selections, Selee.
(09/10 21:06:49) Marie Sutherland: (Delin, sorry)
(09/10 21:06:59) Kierra: hehe
(09/10 21:07:15) BlueArrow: so who won?
(09/10 21:07:35) Marie Sutherland: We'll begin installing them in the various neighborhoods later today.

(09/10 21:07:44) Kierra: yay
(09/10 21:07:45) Selee Tayoy: Cool

(09/10 21:07:51) Kai-Uwe: great
(09/10 21:07:55) A'drian: ooooh, the Stained Glass? Cool
(09/10 21:07:55) Telmora cheers
(09/10 21:07:57) Mohawk: Today?? That's great news!
(09/10 21:08:00) Tanzanite: woo-hoo
(09/10 21:08:00) ireenquench claps her hands
(09/10 21:08:14) Erik wants to ask a question...
(09/10 21:08:15) Dragonia claps her hands
(09/10 21:08:19) Reteltee: Excellent news Marie
(09/10 21:08:21) Thumbs up from [ Shadow ]
(09/10 21:08:22) A'drian: me hopes his was good enough
(09/10 21:08:22) UberThend cheers and says congrats to all the winners
(09/10 21:08:24) Mar'ith claps his hands
(09/10 21:08:25) Zirrus does a dance
(09/10 21:09:24) Marie Sutherland: The Eder Tsogal selected designs were submitted by Explorers Barbara, Cycerim, and Moeity Jean.
(09/10 21:09:37) dcos cheers
(09/10 21:09:47) UberThend cheers
(09/10 21:09:47) Mar'ith cheers
(09/10 21:09:48) Kierra: awesome!

(09/10 21:09:59) ireenquench: yay
(09/10 21:09:59) Marie Sutherland: They can be viewed at the DRC website under the Restoration projects.
(09/10 21:10:00) L'Lith cheers
(09/10 21:10:04) daht: yeah, congrats to those folks!
(09/10 21:10:04) Kierra: yay for moeity jean and the others!
(09/10 21:10:06) Ewilan: so differant hood will have differant stained glass ?
(09/10 21:10:07) Hamsta claps his hands
(09/10 21:10:07) Hamsta: Congrats
(09/10 21:11:34) Marie Sutherland: The Eder Delin selections were designed by Explorers Ekis, Rustee, and zalionXI
(09/10 21:11:55) EthanEver: Xalion!!!!! wowowowo

(09/10 21:12:05) Erik: Dr. Sutherland, did you find the missing Kings journals from the Tokotah rooftop that you would look for?
(09/10 21:12:07) helodwyn claps her hands

(09/10 21:12:16) Marie Sutherland: they can also be viewed on the DRC site.

(09/10 21:13:11) Marie Sutherland: The stained glass each 'hood will receive will be a random selection from the Eder that 'hood has.
(09/10 21:13:38) Hamsta: Marie, will the Hoods who applied for a Delin Book get it today as well?
(09/10 21:13:50) ireenquench notices Marie uses the term 'hood. :)
(09/10 21:13:54) BlueArrow: no wnder why all the delins went missing
(09/10 21:13:57) Kierra: awesome, I cant wait to see them
(09/10 21:13:58) Marie Sutherland: So, if your 'hood has Eder Tsogal, your stained glass should be one of the Tsogal designs.
(09/10 21:14:06) Tanzanite: When willthe Eder Delin books be distributed?
(09/10 21:14:13) Sleeper.: i hope it don't clash with my Gahreesen glass

(09/10 21:14:45) Marie Sutherland: You're getting ahead of me.
(09/10 21:14:51) Marie Sutherland smiles.
(09/10 21:14:51) Tanzanite: lol sorry

(09/10 21:15:22) [ Shadow ] Grins.
(09/10 21:15:23) From Diafero II in Phil's Relto: marie ist in der stadt und spricht ueber die glass-projekte, sollen wohl heut abend aufgehaengt werden
(09/10 21:15:24) Marie Sutherland: We are also trying to distribute the Delin Books to those who had them today.

(09/10 21:16:27) Marie Sutherland: ResEng233 also has provided me a list of roughly 100 other 'hoods that have requested a Delin Book.
(09/10 21:16:40) Songe: Cool
(09/10 21:16:44) Dragonia: wow
(09/10 21:16:50) Telmora: spiffy
(09/10 21:16:51) BlueArrow: my god
(09/10 21:16:53) Marie Sutherland: We will try to accomodate those as well.
(09/10 21:16:59) rintintin: Mari has a better temper than Cate...lol

(09/10 21:17:07) EthanEver: How many hoods are there, Marie?
(09/10 21:17:12) BlueArrow: mari doesn't ahve a temper
(09/10 21:17:19) Kierra: we appreciate you're hard work
(09/10 21:17:23) Mar'ith: much nice than Cate
(09/10 21:17:28) Mar'ith: *nicer
(09/10 21:17:39) [ Shadow ] Likes his Tsogal
(09/10 21:17:57) Reteltee: Marie, thanks for your part in helping get the Guild Pubs released; they're magnificent
(09/10 21:18:04) ireenquench is glad ResEng233 is still around.
(09/10 21:18:04) rintintin: Agree with much nicer
(09/10 21:18:06) Telmora: I love it how we openly talk about people when they are standing right there
(09/10 21:18:13) Mohawk: sSo a lot of work to do then...
(09/10 21:18:14) Songe: Hehe
(09/10 21:18:32) EthanEver: Marie, how many hoods are there?
(09/10 21:18:34) Marie Sutherland: Thanks again to all who submitted a stained glass design.
(09/10 21:18:37) Hamsta thinks ResEng233s Codename is GD
(09/10 21:18:39) Colorado agrees with [Shadow]

(09/10 21:19:12) silverdragonesse claps her hands
(09/10 21:19:13) Marie Sutherland: More than I"m willing to count.
(09/10 21:19:16) Songe: They were really coool all of the dsigns
(09/10 21:19:19) Kierra: hehe
(09/10 21:19:23) Songe: Lol
(09/10 21:19:25) From Brigitte in (null) Kirel: waere nett, wenn du es weiter geben koenntest
(09/10 21:19:26) From Diafero II in Diafero II's Nexus: marie spricht mit forschern. heute abend kommen die stained glass, und die delin buecher sollen wieder in die hoods die sie voprher hatten, sowie etwa 100 weitere
(09/10 21:19:27) Kierra: dont blame you
(09/10 21:19:27) ireenquench: Thanks Marie for involving the explorers in the restoration.
(09/10 21:19:35) Sleeper.: are they Hoods OR Bevins
(09/10 21:19:44) Kierra: yes sleeper
(09/10 21:19:47) Telmora: not this again...
(09/10 21:19:49) From Diafero II in Diafero II's Nexus: reteltee dankt marie fuer die gilden-pubs
(09/10 21:19:51) Telmora says DOH!
(09/10 21:20:03) Janara: Second that, Ireen!
(09/10 21:20:03) Tanzanite: Thank you marie as usual you are very helpful
(09/10 21:20:12) Ewilan agree with telmora
(09/10 21:20:19) From Diafero II in Diafero II's Nexus: tut mir leid aber das geht im moment schlecht, hat noch wer relay?
(09/10 21:20:24) Ewilan: they whatever you want to call them lol
(09/10 21:20:25) Marie Sutherland: You're welcome. Take care.
(09/10 21:20:34) Tanzanite: bye Marie
(09/10 21:20:34) Reteltee: Shorah b'shemtee Marie
(09/10 21:20:37) Kierra: bye Marie[/hide]

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Die Geschichte geht weiter denn das letzte Wort wurde noch nicht geschrieben Und die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt.

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King - Queen
King - Queen

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Ich hab mal versucht die wichtigsten Stellen des Logs mit Dr. Watson zu übersetzen. (Original von Uru Obsession, Log von D'Ja Vu)

Bei der Übersetzung habe ich mich auf Watson und die dazugehörigen Fragen beschränkt - macht es hoffentlich übersichtlicher.
Extrem spannend, und am Ende auch die Passage zu Atrus.


[hide=Log auf englisch]
(09/11 07:21:18) Chat.log started...
(09/11 07:21:27) Dr. Watson: Yes, Skotte. I've heard some of it.
(09/11 07:21:52) Dr. Watson: Mind if I continue collecting my Nexus links?
(09/11 07:21:57) Skotte: may i ask, in what capacity you return to us?
(09/11 07:22:01) IBnetweasel: Sure
(09/11 07:22:05) Grieyls: Hi Dr Watson, so good to see you
(09/11 07:22:05) D'ja vu: I need to do the same
(09/11 07:22:12) IBnetweasel: Welcome back!
(09/11 07:22:14) D'ja vu: Have a g'evening Dr.
(09/11 07:22:19) Skotte: oh, sorry :) don't let us interupt you :)
(09/11 07:22:22) Dr. Watson: Michael Engberg came to find me.
(09/11 07:22:33) BlueArrow: Where were you?
(09/11 07:22:40) Meg: i'm assuming he was taking a break
(09/11 07:22:40) Dr. Watson: And find me he did.
(09/11 07:22:43) Grieyls: Oh really?
(09/11 07:23:22) Grieyls: So where were you?
(09/11 07:23:24) Skotte: Mr Engberg? did he indicate what he wanted you fFor?
(09/11 07:23:29) Dr. Watson: As for what I will do, that remains to be seen, really.
(09/11 07:23:30) Skotte: help with the bahro situation?
(09/11 07:23:40) D'ja vu: And find you he did ay? Hope it wasn't too embarassing.
(09/11 07:23:56) Meg: we're you playing WOW? ;)
(09/11 07:24:01) Grieyls: lol
(09/11 07:24:04) D'ja vu: LOL
(09/11 07:24:49) BlueArrow: lol
(09/11 07:24:49) Dr. Watson: Hello, Meg.
(09/11 07:24:56) Grieyls: How is Engberg by the way? Is he ok?
(09/11 07:25:00) Skotte: oh .. wher are my manners
(09/11 07:25:03) Skotte: !Shorah
(09/11 07:25:18) Skotte: i dont think anyone has **properly** greeted you
(09/11 07:25:19) Dr. Watson: Yes, I believe he is.
(09/11 07:25:22) IBnetweasel: Yes...we were concerned about Engberg after the events concerning his daughter...it was sad
(09/11 07:25:30) Grieyls: Oh that's good to hear
(09/11 07:25:32) Dr. Watson: Very sad, indeed
(09/11 07:25:46) Grieyls: Yes we all felt for him
(09/11 07:25:58) Dr. Watson: There is a great deal of sadness.
(09/11 07:26:26) Skotte: are you planning on hanging around fFor a bit? would you like a moderator?
(09/11 07:26:27) Grieyls: As with any loss of that nature
(09/11 07:26:38) Skotte: since you seem to be attracting an audience and all
(09/11 07:26:42) Dr. Watson: A moderator?
(09/11 07:26:47) BlueArrow: What is your current relationship with Mr. Henderson lately?
(09/11 07:26:57) Meg: what, like mike reynolds?
(09/11 07:27:00) Dr. Watson: Ah.
(09/11 07:27:21) Skotte: ah, instead of everyone tugging on your ear in a dozen directoipns, a moderator would help sort of fFunnel questions.
(09/11 07:27:35) Dr. Watson: I have spent a great deal of time with Phil Henderson these last few years.
(09/11 07:27:37) Skotte: if you'd like. or not.
(09/11 07:27:53) Meg: the dude abides...
(09/11 07:27:53) Grieyls: That so, what have you two been up to?
(09/11 07:28:47) Dr. Watson: That's a long story, Greiyls.
(09/11 07:28:49) BlueArrow: Do you have any clue who "he" is that phend keeps mentioning?
(09/11 07:29:03) Grieyls: Well can you give us the readers digest version?
(09/11 07:29:37) Dr. Watson: I'd hazard to guess the "he" was likely "me"
(09/11 07:29:41) Skotte: or in lieu of that, have you learned any new D'ni words you can impart on us? :)
(09/11 07:29:50) Grieyls: We were hoping that
(09/11 07:29:51) Dr. Watson laughs.
(09/11 07:29:59) Meg: mwuhaha..the convergence of nightowls upon the visitor
(09/11 07:29:59) D'ja vu: People, it's late. Let's respect the Dr. and let him gather his links.
(09/11 07:30:07) Timbo: We're full of questions, Doctor Watson. A lot's been happening in the last few months, you're going to get bombarded by people asking for information
(09/11 07:30:31) Dr. Watson: I'm sure you're right, Timbo.
(09/11 07:30:37) Meg: ./cackle
(09/11 07:31:04) Meg: i'm content to just stand here and stare at him
(09/11 07:31:08) Grieyls: So many question, I hardly know where to start
(09/11 07:31:14) Skotte: here's an interesting question fFor you. are you aware of any ages which the D'ni have never set fFoot in?
(09/11 07:31:16) Dr. Watson smiles.
(09/11 07:31:24) Dr. Watson: You're too kind, Meg.
(09/11 07:31:33) Timbo: Have you been aware of what's been going on in the cavern? Events like Wheely's death? Or have you been... out of touch?
(09/11 07:31:33) Meg: i'm easily entertained
(09/11 07:31:43) Dr. Watson: There are many, Skotte.
(09/11 07:31:55) Dr. Watson: More Ages that they haven't been to than that they have.
(09/11 07:32:11) Skotte: wow
(09/11 07:32:16) Skotte: i had no idea
(09/11 07:32:25) Meg: isn't earth a d'ni creation of sorts?
(09/11 07:32:27) Dr. Watson: I was not aware until Michael came.
(09/11 07:32:43) Grieyls: The multiverse in infinite its size
(09/11 07:32:49) Dr. Watson: We've had our own struggles to deal with.
(09/11 07:33:02) Grieyls: What sort of struggles?
(09/11 07:33:14) Meg: interesting...how it all ties in with m-theory and multiple universes.
(09/11 07:33:43) Meg: uh, i just wrote that before reading the multiverse remark. creepy
(09/11 07:33:52) Dr. Watson: Meg, That's a long topic for another time. The answer depends on your perspective.
(09/11 07:34:18) Grieyls: As with most things
(09/11 07:34:27) Meg: i bet that's what "lost" is about :P
(09/11 07:34:38) D'ja vu: Hope Michael is doing ok.
(09/11 07:35:00) Grieyls: Do you know where Engberg is Dr Watson?
(09/11 07:35:00) Dr. Watson: Most recently, the Bahro conflict, Grieyls.
(09/11 07:35:16) Dr. Watson: At the moment, no. He's around here somewhere.
(09/11 07:35:17) Skotte: i'm a bit concerned about phil, myself. i can never tell if he's in trouble, or just a bit loopy as ever
(09/11 07:35:19) Grieyls: I see, yeah that has many concerend
(09/11 07:35:53) Dr. Watson: Their conflict spans hundreds of Ages.
(09/11 07:35:57) Timbo: Wow...
(09/11 07:36:07) Grieyls: Now that is surprising
(09/11 07:36:20) Timbo: Are we in any danger down here?
(09/11 07:36:24) Meg: well, i gotta tell you, dr watson..it's great to see you back
(09/11 07:36:36) Dr. Watson: Thank you, Meg.
(09/11 07:36:46) Timbo: I would assume we are, but you obviously know a lot more than any of us about it
(09/11 07:37:22) Dr. Watson: For now, we are protected here.
(09/11 07:37:24) Meg: i remember feeling crushed a few years back, as i'm sure you guys felt too. now here we all are again :D
(09/11 07:37:36) Dr. Watson: That may not always be the case.
(09/11 07:37:45) Grieyls: Is one faction of the Bahro watching over us?
(09/11 07:38:25) Skotte: some have suggested the new guilds may be a vehicle fFor change. strength.
(09/11 07:38:40) Dr. Watson: Indeed, Meg. I was devastated. But that's life, I suppose. You try to deal with whatever comes up and move on.
(09/11 07:38:40) Skotte: others have suggested the new guilds are DRC hubris.
(09/11 07:38:49) Skotte: what do you think of the matter, Mr Watson?
(09/11 07:38:59) D'ja vu nods her head
(09/11 07:39:16) Meg: life is thick and weird and wonderful. here's tom with the weather :)
(09/11 07:39:19) zreyasa: welcome back, Dr. Watson.
(09/11 07:39:56) Dr. Watson: Guilds are fine, in and of themselves. They provided D'ni with stability to last for nearly 10,000 years here in the Cavern...
(09/11 07:40:21) Dr. Watson: And who knows how many thousands of years before that.
(09/11 07:41:19) Meg: *cricket cricket*
(09/11 07:41:46) Prime: Dr...is their anything we can do to help the bahro...food...medical aid...etc.
(09/11 07:41:50) Skotte: Dr. watson is a very wise man :) he carefully dodges the question :)
(09/11 07:42:22) IBnetweasel: I am just glad to see you back, Dr. Watson...it is good to know that you, Phil, and Michael are all OK
(09/11 07:42:30) Dr. Watson: It all just depends on the people involved. (sorry, just choosing my words carefully.)
(09/11 07:42:36) zreyasa: yes, it is
(09/11 07:42:39) D'ja vu agrees with IB
(09/11 07:42:41) Skotte: no worries :)
(09/11 07:42:51) Timbo: Doctor Watson, is Yeesha involved in this conflict? Have you met her?
(09/11 07:42:53) BlueArrow: Dr. i have a question for you, what do you think about the mentions of impending doom upon the cavern
(09/11 07:42:55) Grieyls: Dr Watson, can you shed any light on this colour business Phil has been going on about?
(09/11 07:42:59) zreyasa: Dr. Watson IS Phil okay?
(09/11 07:43:07) BlueArrow: whoooaaaa questions
(09/11 07:43:21) D'ja vu: lol
(09/11 07:43:22) Grieyls: Woah, the question pummeling begins :P
(09/11 07:43:23) Skotte: the guilds seem to be entrenched with politics. it's hard to say anything about them and not get caught up in it.
(09/11 07:43:26) Dr. Watson: Colour business? What's he been saying?
(09/11 07:43:28) Skotte: so, i understand :)
(09/11 07:43:43) Grieyls: Not sure myself, something about the colour blue
(09/11 07:43:56) Meg: well..phil has been sounding sort of...stoned
(09/11 07:44:01) Prime: It's dificult to descibe what phil has been saying...he is still very....incoherent.
(09/11 07:44:04) Meg: he says "man" a lot
(09/11 07:44:08) Dr. Watson: Hmm, I'm not sure what he's refering to.
(09/11 07:44:29) Grieyls: Oh well, thank anyway
(09/11 07:44:39) zreyasa: he has been speaking tangentally....very cryptic....almost not lucid - going on about the color blue...
(09/11 07:44:43) Meg: oh-and he's writing in blue
(09/11 07:44:59) Meg: blue is a fantastic color
(09/11 07:45:17) Prime: Phils mind seems to be...overwealmed...like he knows something important but can't properly articulate it.
(09/11 07:45:17) Dr. Watson: Phil is Phil. His time alone with the Bahro haven't helped his social skills.
(09/11 07:45:24) Grieyls starts to laugh
(09/11 07:45:25) Prime: lol
(09/11 07:45:29) Prime starts to laugh
(09/11 07:45:31) zreyasa: nods.
(09/11 07:45:35) Timbo: It sure must have been... interesting
(09/11 07:46:06) Dr. Watson: But that may be why they
(09/11 07:46:11) zreyasa: tell us of your experiences, Dr. Watson
(09/11 07:46:12) Dr. Watson: get along so well.
(09/11 07:46:13) BlueArrow: Haha really all this time i thought it was the shrooms on teledahn =p
(09/11 07:46:19) D'ja vu: maybe we just need to learn how to listen better for Phils comments to make sense
(09/11 07:46:20) Skotte: say, did you hear about the bahro invasion some weeks ago? they were seen more or less everywhere in the city, enganging people all over
(09/11 07:46:27) Meg: lol
(09/11 07:46:38) Skotte: i don't know that has ever rreally happened before
(09/11 07:46:51) Dr. Watson: That may be true, D'ja vu.
(09/11 07:47:26) Grieyls: I try, but alas I'm not loopy enough... Just kidding
(09/11 07:47:38) IBnetweasel: heh
(09/11 07:47:46) DunnyDave: hi!
(09/11 07:47:48) Meg: a-ha. maybe phil was talking in code
(09/11 07:47:53) IBnetweasel: helloe Dave
(09/11 07:48:06) D'ja vu: yeah, the bahro were all over the library and alley..it was wild
(09/11 07:48:11) Skotte: Oh, here's an interesting tidbit I caught wind of...
(09/11 07:48:14) DunnyDave: sorry abt last night
(09/11 07:48:38) Dr. Watson: They are still around. You get used to it after a while.
(09/11 07:48:42) Skotte: some people have come to the interesting observation that "bahro" is a word which simply means "beast people"
(09/11 07:48:58) Prime: Doctor...are you planning to rejoin the DRC...your experience, training, and insigt would be invaluable.
(09/11 07:49:06) Skotte: so there is some initiative to start calling them a more decent respectable name "Vakhro". linking people.
(09/11 07:49:10) Meg: but it's also close to "bardo", in between place
(09/11 07:49:18) Timbo: It's the name the D'ni gave them. I assume that's why Yeesha refers to them as 'the least'
(09/11 07:49:22) Timbo: More polite
(09/11 07:49:35) Dr. Watson: I have a great deal to think about on that subject, Prime. I have made no decisions or commitments yet.
(09/11 07:49:49) Meg: "please dude..it's the preferred nomenclature"
(09/11 07:50:10) Timbo: Things in the DRC and the cavern have changed a lot since you left, Doctor Watson
(09/11 07:50:12) Prime: How about zeno sapin..."strange wise"?
(09/11 07:50:16) Skotte: fFrom an academic standpoint, Dr watson, what do you think of this?
(09/11 07:50:30) Skotte: speaking as one of the world's fForemost authorities and all
(09/11 07:50:33) Dr. Watson: They are not offended by "Bahro".
(09/11 07:50:45) Grieyls: That's good to know
(09/11 07:50:52) Skotte: that is good to know
(09/11 07:51:03) Prime: Though I must admit...it might be scientifically acurate to call the bahro that...it doesn't exactly roll off the tounge
(09/11 07:51:19) zreyasa: they understand outr language, Dr. Watson?
(09/11 07:51:31) Prime: good to know
(09/11 07:51:49) BlueArrow: totally unrelated dr., but would you rather call a neighborhood a neighborhood or a bevin
(09/11 07:51:56) Dr. Watson: It varies by individual.
(09/11 07:52:03) BlueArrow: Yes i win!
(09/11 07:52:16) D'ja vu: lol
(09/11 07:52:19) Grieyls: But by that you mean some of them do understand us, yes?
(09/11 07:52:21) Dr. Watson: They pick up on emotion very well, though.
(09/11 07:52:39) Grieyls: That's a handy thing to know
(09/11 07:52:46) Skotte: ahh, so it is the intent of the words, not the ancient sublime meaning the words may have had previously
(09/11 07:52:55) BlueArrow: Hmmm so if you know your scared, they can tell
(09/11 07:53:08) Timbo: You've comunicated with them, then, Doctor?
(09/11 07:53:33) Dr. Watson: Some of them seem to understand some words very well, others not so much.
(09/11 07:53:51) Meg: maybe they're a little bit telepathic? empaths?
(09/11 07:53:58) Grieyls: I see, very good
(09/11 07:54:13) Dr. Watson: I have tried with varying degrees of success, yes, Timbo.
(09/11 07:54:27) zreyasa: Thank you, Dr. Watson. Very helpful
(09/11 07:53:21) Dr. Watson: Yeesha has no problem communicating with them. I still have a hard time.
(09/11 07:53:23) Grieyls: Empath would be the right word if they can know our emotions
(09/11 07:53:41) Grieyls: So you've seen Yeesha recently?
(09/11 07:53:45) Timbo: Lots of explorers have been attempting comunication of their own, but we have no idea what success, if any, they've had
(09/11 07:54:32) Dr. Watson: I have spent quite a bit of time with Yeesha over the years. When sh'es been available.
(09/11 07:54:52) Grieyls: Oh that's so wonderful
(09/11 07:55:03) BlueArrow: Does she come to you or do you go to her?
(09/11 07:55:09) Grieyls: Can you get me her autograph?
(09/11 07:55:17) IBnetweasel: I wish the explorers and the Bahro could get to know each other better...open routes of communication so that we can better understand each other
(09/11 07:55:22) Dr. Watson laughs.
(09/11 07:55:26) zreyasa: lol greilys
(09/11 07:55:34) Timbo: How is Yeesha involved in the conflict?
(09/11 07:56:10) Prime: We have been told the bahro war has spilled over into releeshan...are the d'ni ok?
(09/11 07:56:24) To Prime: ask him if he's met the D'ni in Noloben
(09/11 07:56:45) Dr. Watson: She has been to many of the Ages that are much more involved in the conflict.
(09/11 07:57:08) Dr. Watson: For the moment, yes, Prime.
(09/11 07:57:36) Timbo: You've been to Releeshan too, then? Wow.
(09/11 07:57:51) Dr. Watson: Indeed.
(09/11 07:57:57) Prime: And what is the word on Noloben...it is my understanding that is the bahro home age....so I can't imagine the state it is in....
(09/11 07:58:02) Meg: is it big?
(09/11 07:58:15) D'ja vu: Scuse my ignorance, but whats the conflict over anyway?
(09/11 07:58:16) Skotte: Ponderous man, really ponderous.
(09/11 07:58:16) Blue Thisbe (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/11 07:59:05) BlueArrow: there are multiple
(09/11 07:59:12) Dr. Watson: Noloben? It is one of many Ages the Bahro have lived in for who knows how long. I wouldn't say it's their "home Age", though that's always a possibility.
(09/11 07:59:24) zreyasa: Dr. Watson, will you resume journalling?
(09/11 07:59:44) Timbo: That presumes he's staying
(09/11 07:59:45) Grieyls: Well do they consider it thier home age, do you know?
(09/11 08:00:01) Skotte: and will you release more D'ni words?
(09/11 08:00:12) Skotte: sorry. i'll let it go now :)
(09/11 08:00:15) Prime: understood...that informtion did come from very....unreliable...source.
(09/11 08:00:15) Dr. Watson: It is one of the Ages with the most heavy fighting, though.

(09/11 08:00:41) Grieyls: Do you know what the issue is that they fight over?
(09/11 08:01:00) Dr. Watson: Some of them consider Noloben their home, just as some consider this their home, or any of thousands of Ages, for that matter.
(09/11 08:01:21) Grieyls: Sounds very confusing
(09/11 08:01:34) Skotte: that's almost certainly what they say about us.
(09/11 08:01:47) Ron Gerrin: Where?
(09/11 08:02:09) Prime: They must have amazing minds...I mean...how do navigate interdimensionaly....I have trouble enough with the 4 basic dimensions.
(09/11 08:02:21) Grieyls: So essentially these wars are terrortorial
(09/11 08:02:51) Prime: Why would you fight over teritory when you have infinite space?.....
(09/11 08:02:55) Skotte: arent most wars territorial?
(09/11 08:03:14) Grieyls: Most are yes, but not all
(09/11 08:03:31) Dr. Watson: Such a long story. The short version is that they were recently given the ability to choose their own destinies.
(09/11 08:03:51) Grieyls nods his head
(09/11 08:03:56) Dr. Watson: And different groups of them are making different choices with their newly-found freedom.
(09/11 08:03:56) Prime: Resources...theology...politics....economics.....some combination of the above......I hope it's not something insane like some doctrine of inherent superioriy.
(09/11 08:04:03) zreyasa: Wars are about power and control, that can manifest in many ways.
(09/11 08:04:13) Skotte: to put it in perpesective we can all appreciate: the holy land in jerusalem is a tiny strip of sand. wh would you fFight over that when there's a whole planet to fFight over?
(09/11 08:04:21) Skotte: subtle specific reasons.
(09/11 08:04:29) D'ja vu: ahhh
(09/11 08:05:24) D'ja vu: And the different choices are causing strife.
(09/11 08:05:32) Meg: i think it's the Flying Spaghetti Monster, all praise his noodleyness. R'amen
(09/11 08:05:33) Skotte: say, Dr, have you read any good books lately?
(09/11 08:06:09) Prime: I'm surprised they don't want our help though....if there is one sad fact history teaches us...it's that humans excel in war.
(09/11 08:06:34) Prime: Maybe they just have sence enough to relize this thing will end one day.
(09/11 08:06:44) Meg: all the more reason for the aliens to steer clear of earth. yikes
(09/11 08:06:45) Dr. Watson: Indeed. Some of them are intent on revenge and destruction. Unfortunately, they have the potential for unbelievable destruction when they put their minds to it.
(09/11 08:07:14) DunnyDave: i wonder where everyone is
(09/11 08:07:14) Grieyls: That is not good to hear, hope they come to their senses
(09/11 08:07:23) zreyasa: Time for me to sleep. Thank you for your time with us this evening, Dr. Watson. Shorah.
(09/11 08:07:28) Dr. Watson: I do, too.
(09/11 08:07:29) Prime: Oh yeah....something as simple as introduce a new bacterium into an age...and oy boy.....
(09/11 08:07:51) J'on: Dr. Watson, Phil mentioned that he has visited Releeshan, have you been there also? If so, have you seen Atrus?
(09/11 08:07:52) Dr. Watson: You're welcome, Zreyasa.
(09/11 08:08:16) Dr. Watson: Yes to both questions, J'on.
(09/11 08:08:32) Grieyls: Oh cool, can I have his autograph too?
(09/11 08:08:42) Dr. Watson laughs.
(09/11 08:08:43) Timbo laughs
(09/11 08:08:44) Skotte bops grieyls
(09/11 08:08:48) Resolute Guardian starts to laugh
(09/11 08:08:54) Ron Gerrin: 9/me snerks
(09/11 08:09:00) Ron Gerrin snerks
(09/11 08:09:00) J'on: Do, you think there is any chance Atrus will ever visit the cavern?
(09/11 08:09:14) Dr. Watson: I'm going to need several pens for all your autographs, Grieyls.
(09/11 08:09:39) Prime: Poor Atrus...after all he has done and been through...the poor guy tries so hard...yet this sort of stuff keeps happening to him and his family.
(09/11 08:09:42) Grieyls: I shall suppy them for you Doctor, you can add yourself to the list as well ;)
(09/11 08:09:47) Meg: wait..does atrus know about the cavern renovations?
(09/11 08:10:06) Meg: does he know about.....us?
(09/11 08:10:07) Dr. Watson: Hmm... there's always a chance, though it would be a very small one.
[hide=Log auf deutsch]
(09/11 07:21:18) Chat.log started...
(09/11 07:21:27) Dr. Watson: Ja, Skotte. Ich habe einige(s) gehört.
(09/11 07:21:52) Dr. Watson: Falls ich meine Nexuslinks einsammle?
(09/11 07:21:57) Skotte: Darf ich fragen in welcher Absicht Sie zu uns zurückgekehrt sind?
(09/11 07:22:01) IBnetweasel:
(09/11 07:22:05) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:22:05) D'ja vu:
(09/11 07:22:12) IBnetweasel:
(09/11 07:22:14) D'ja vu:
(09/11 07:22:19) Skotte:
(09/11 07:22:22) Dr. Watson: Michael Engberg suchte mich.
(09/11 07:22:33) BlueArrow:
(09/11 07:22:40) Meg:
(09/11 07:22:40) Dr. Watson: Und fand mich tatsächlich.
(09/11 07:22:43) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:23:22) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:23:24) Skotte:
(09/11 07:23:29) Dr. Watson: Was ich tun werde hängt davon ab was ich sehe. [?]
(09/11 07:23:30) Skotte:
(09/11 07:23:40) D'ja vu:
(09/11 07:23:56) Meg:
(09/11 07:24:01) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:24:04) D'ja vu:
(09/11 07:24:49) BlueArrow:
(09/11 07:24:49) Dr. Watson: Hallo, Meg.
(09/11 07:24:56) Grieyls: Wie geht es nebenbei Engberg? Ist er in Ordnung?
(09/11 07:25:00) Skotte:
(09/11 07:25:03) Skotte:
(09/11 07:25:18) Skotte:
(09/11 07:25:19) Dr. Watson: Ja, ich glaube schon.
(09/11 07:25:22) IBnetweasel: Ja…wir machten uns nach den Geschehnissen mit seiner Tochter Sorgen…es war traurig
(09/11 07:25:30) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:25:32) Dr. Watson: Sehr traurig, in der Tat
(09/11 07:25:46) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:25:58) Dr. Watson: Sehr viel Traurigkeit.
(09/11 07:26:26) Skotte: Planen Sie eine Weile hier zu bleiben? Wollen Sie einen Moderator?
(09/11 07:26:27) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:26:38) Skotte:
(09/11 07:26:42) Dr. Watson: Ein Moderator?
(09/11 07:26:47) BlueArrow: Wie stehen Sie aktuell zu Herrn Henderson?
(09/11 07:26:57) Meg:
(09/11 07:27:00) Dr. Watson: Ah.
(09/11 07:27:21) Skotte:
(09/11 07:27:35) Dr. Watson: Ich habe in den letzten Jahren viel Zeit mit Phil Henderson verbracht.
(09/11 07:27:37) Skotte:
(09/11 07:27:53) Meg:
(09/11 07:27:53) Grieyls: Nun, was habt ihr beide gemacht?
(09/11 07:28:47) Dr. Watson: Das ist eine lange Geschichte, Greiyls.
(09/11 07:28:49) BlueArrow: Haben Sie eine Vermutung wer "er" ist, von dem phend spricht?
(09/11 07:29:03) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:29:37) Dr. Watson: Ich wage zu vermuten, dass mit "er" ich gemeint bin
(09/11 07:29:41) Skotte:
(09/11 07:29:50) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:29:51) Dr. Watson laughs.
(09/11 07:29:59) Meg:
(09/11 07:29:59) D'ja vu:
(09/11 07:30:07) Timbo: Wir haben jede Menge Fragen, Doktor Watson. Es ist in den vergangenen Monaten viel passiert, Sie werden von den Leuten mit Fragen nach Information bombardiert werden
(09/11 07:30:31) Dr. Watson: Das glaube ich dir gerne, Timbo.
(09/11 07:30:37) Meg:
(09/11 07:31:04) Meg: Ich bin damit zufrieden hier zu stehen und ihn anzustarren
(09/11 07:31:08) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:31:14) Skotte: Hier eine interessante Frage für Sie. Wissen Sie von Zeitaltern, in die die D'ni nie einen Fuß gesetzt haben?
(09/11 07:31:16) Dr. Watson smiles.
(09/11 07:31:24) Dr. Watson: Zu freundlich, Meg.
(09/11 07:31:33) Timbo: Haben Sie mitbekommen, was in den Höhlen vorgeht? Ereignisse wie Wheelys Tod? Oder sind Sie….ahnungslos?
(09/11 07:31:33) Meg:
(09/11 07:31:43) Dr. Watson: Da gibt es einige, Skotte.
(09/11 07:31:55) Dr. Watson: Mehr Zeitalter in denen sie nicht waren als Zeitalter in denen sie waren.
(09/11 07:32:11) Skotte:
(09/11 07:32:16) Skotte:
(09/11 07:32:25) Meg:
(09/11 07:32:27) Dr. Watson: Ich wusste davon nichts bis Michael kam. [Antwort auf Timbos Frage]
(09/11 07:32:43) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:32:49) Dr. Watson: Wir hatten mit unseren eigenen Sachen zu kämpfen.
(09/11 07:33:02) Grieyls: Was für Kämpfe?
(09/11 07:33:14) Meg: interessant…wie hängt das alles mit der M-Theorie und multiplen Universen zusammen.
(09/11 07:33:43) Meg:
(09/11 07:33:52) Dr. Watson: Meg, das ist ein großes Thema für ein andermal. Die Antwort hängt von deiner Perspektive ab.
(09/11 07:34:18) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:34:27) Meg:
(09/11 07:34:38) D'ja vu:
(09/11 07:35:00) Grieyls: Do you know where Engberg is Dr Watson?
(09/11 07:35:00) Dr. Watson: In letzter Zeit der Bahrokonflikt, Grieyls.
(09/11 07:35:16) Dr. Watson: Im Moment nicht. Er ist hier irgendwo.
(09/11 07:35:17) Skotte:
(09/11 07:35:19) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:35:53) Dr. Watson: Ihr Konflikt umfasst hunderte Zeitalter.
(09/11 07:35:57) Timbo: Wow...
(09/11 07:36:07) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:36:20) Timbo: Sind wir hier in Gefahr?
(09/11 07:36:24) Meg: also, Dr. Watson, ich muss Ihnen sagen…es ist super, dass Sie wieder da sind
(09/11 07:36:36) Dr. Watson: Danke Meg.
(09/11 07:36:46) Timbo:
(09/11 07:37:22) Dr. Watson: Im Moment sind wir hier sicher.
(09/11 07:37:24) Meg: Ich erinnere mich, wie elend ich mich vor Jahren fühlte, und ich bin mir sicher euch ging es ähnlich. Nun sind wir alle wieder hier :D
(09/11 07:37:36) Dr. Watson: Das muss nicht immer so sein.
(09/11 07:37:45) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:38:25) Skotte: Manche spekulieren, die neuen Gilden werden ein Werkzeug für Veränderung. Stärke.
(09/11 07:38:40) Dr. Watson: So ist es, Meg. Ich war niedergeschmettert. Aber ich denke, so ist das Leben. Du musst nehmen was kommt und weitermachen.
(09/11 07:38:40) Skotte: andere denken, die neuen Gilden sind eine Anmaßung des DRC.
(09/11 07:38:49) Skotte: Was denken Sie darüber, Mr Watson?
(09/11 07:38:59) D'ja vu nods her head
(09/11 07:39:16) Meg:
(09/11 07:39:19) zreyasa:
(09/11 07:39:56) Dr. Watson: Gilden sind gut, in und für sich. Sie gewährten D'ni Stabilität für annähernd 10.000 Jahre hier in den Höhlen…
(09/11 07:40:21) Dr. Watson: Und wer weiss wie viele tausend Jahre zuvor.
(09/11 07:41:19) Meg:
(09/11 07:41:46) Prime:
(09/11 07:41:50) Skotte:
(09/11 07:42:22) IBnetweasel:
(09/11 07:42:30) Dr. Watson: Es hängt alles von den beteiligten Personen ab. (sorry, ich wähle meine Worte vorsichtig.)
(09/11 07:42:36) zreyasa:
(09/11 07:42:39) D'ja vu agrees with IB
(09/11 07:42:41) Skotte:
(09/11 07:42:51) Timbo:
(09/11 07:42:53) BlueArrow:
(09/11 07:42:55) Grieyls: Dr Watson, können Sie etwas Licht in diese Farb-Sache von Phil bringen?
(09/11 07:42:59) zreyasa:
(09/11 07:43:07) BlueArrow:
(09/11 07:43:21) D'ja vu:
(09/11 07:43:22) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:43:23) Skotte:
(09/11 07:43:26) Dr. Watson: Farb-Sache? Was hat er gesagt?
(09/11 07:43:28) Skotte:
(09/11 07:43:43) Grieyls: Ich bin nicht ganz sicher, etwas über die Farbe blau
(09/11 07:43:56) Meg:
(09/11 07:44:01) Prime: Schwer zu beschreiben was er sagte…er wirkt noch immer…abgehoben.
(09/11 07:44:04) Meg:
(09/11 07:44:08) Dr. Watson: Hmm, ich bin nicht sicher worüber er spricht.
(09/11 07:44:29) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:44:39) zreyasa:
(09/11 07:44:43) Meg:
(09/11 07:44:59) Meg:
(09/11 07:45:17) Prime:
(09/11 07:45:17) Dr. Watson: Phil ist Phil. Die Zeit, die er alleine bei den Bahro war hat seine sozialen Fähigkeiten nicht erweitert.
(09/11 07:45:24) Grieyls starts to laugh
(09/11 07:45:25) Prime:
(09/11 07:45:29) Prime
(09/11 07:45:31) zreyasa:
(09/11 07:45:35) Timbo:
(09/11 07:46:06) Dr. Watson: But that may be why they
(09/11 07:46:11) zreyasa:
(09/11 07:46:12) Dr. Watson: get along so well.
(09/11 07:46:13) BlueArrow:
(09/11 07:46:19) D'ja vu: Vielleicht müssen wir einfach lernen Phils Kommentaren besser zuzuhören um ihren Sinn zu verstehen
(09/11 07:46:20) Skotte:
(09/11 07:46:27) Meg:
(09/11 07:46:38) Skotte:
(09/11 07:46:51) Dr. Watson: Das könnte stimmen, D'ja vu.
(09/11 07:47:26) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:47:38) IBnetweasel:
(09/11 07:47:46) DunnyDave:
(09/11 07:47:48) Meg:
(09/11 07:47:53) IBnetweasel:
(09/11 07:48:06) D'ja vu: ja, die Bahro waren überall an der Bibliothek und der Straße…es war wild
(09/11 07:48:11) Skotte:
(09/11 07:48:14) DunnyDave:
(09/11 07:48:38) Dr. Watson: Sie sind noch da. Du wirst dich nach einer Weile daran gewöhnen.
(09/11 07:48:42) Skotte: Einige Leute kamen zu dem interessanten Schluss, dass das Wort "Bahro" einfach "Bestien-Leute" heisst
(09/11 07:48:58) Prime: Doktor….planen Sie in den DRC zurückzukommen…Ihre Erfahrung, Übung und Insiderwissen wären unbezahlbar.
(09/11 07:49:06) Skotte: daher gibt es eine Initiative, sie etwas respektvoller "Vakhro", linkende Leute, zu nennen.
(09/11 07:49:10) Meg: aber es klingt auch wie "bardo", so in der Art
(09/11 07:49:18) Timbo: Es ist der Name, den ihnen die D'ni gaben. Ich denke, daher nennt sie Yeesha "die Niederen"
(09/11 07:49:22) Timbo: Freundlicher
(09/11 07:49:35) Dr. Watson: Es gibt dabei zunächst viel zu bedenken. Bisher habe ich noch keine Entscheidung getroffen oder Verpflichtungen übernommen.
(09/11 07:49:49) Meg: "Gefälligkeitsleute..ist die bevorzugte Nomenklatur"
(09/11 07:50:10) Timbo: Die Dinge beim DRC und in den Höhlen haben sich sehr verändert seit Sie weg sind, Doktor Watson
(09/11 07:50:12) Prime: Wie wärs mit zeno sapin..."fremde Weise"?
(09/11 07:50:16) Skotte: Von einem akademischen Standpunkt aus, Dr. Watson, wie denken Sie darüber?
(09/11 07:50:30) Skotte: als eine der führenden Authoritäten usw.
(09/11 07:50:33) Dr. Watson: Sie sind durch [das Wort] "Bahro" nicht beleidigt.
(09/11 07:50:45) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:50:52) Skotte:
(09/11 07:51:03) Prime:
(09/11 07:51:19) zreyasa: Verstehen sie unsere Sprache, Dr. Watson?
(09/11 07:51:31) Prime:
(09/11 07:51:49) BlueArrow:
(09/11 07:51:56) Dr. Watson: Das ist individuell unterschiedlich.
(09/11 07:52:03) BlueArrow:
(09/11 07:52:16) D'ja vu:
(09/11 07:52:19) Grieyls: D.h. Sie meinen, dass einige uns verstehen, ja?
(09/11 07:52:21) Dr. Watson: Sie begreifen wohl intuitiv sehr gut.
(09/11 07:52:39) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:52:46) Skotte:
(09/11 07:52:55) BlueArrow:
(09/11 07:53:08) Timbo: Haben Sie denn schon mit ihnen kommuniziert, Doktor?
(09/11 07:53:33) Dr. Watson: Einige von ihnen scheinen einige Wörter recht gut zu verstehen, andere weniger.
(09/11 07:53:51) Meg: Sind sie vielleicht etwas telepatisch? Empathisch?
(09/11 07:53:58) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:54:13) Dr. Watson: Ich habe es mit wechselndem Erfolg versucht, ja, Timbo.
(09/11 07:54:27) zreyasa:
(09/11 07:53:21) Dr. Watson: Yeesha hat keine Probleme mit ihnen zu kommunizieren. Mir fällt es noch immer schwer.
(09/11 07:53:23) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:53:41) Grieyls: Also haben Sie Yeesha erst kürzlich gesehen?
(09/11 07:53:45) Timbo:
(09/11 07:54:32) Dr. Watson: Ich habe über die Jahre immer wieder mal mit Yeesha Kontakt. Wenn es möglich war.
(09/11 07:54:52) Grieyls:
(09/11 07:55:03) BlueArrow:
(09/11 07:55:09) Grieyls: Können Sie mir ein Autogramm besorgen?
(09/11 07:55:17) IBnetweasel:
(09/11 07:55:22) Dr. Watson laughs.
(09/11 07:55:26) zreyasa:
(09/11 07:55:34) Timbo: Wie ist Yeesha in diesen Konflikt eingebunden?
(09/11 07:56:10) Prime: Wir haben gehört, der Bahrokonflikt hat auf Releeshan übergegriffen…sind die D'ni ok?
(09/11 07:56:24) To Prime:
(09/11 07:56:45) Dr. Watson: Sie war in Zeitaltern, die weit mehr in den Konflikt involviert sind.
(09/11 07:57:08) Dr. Watson: Im Moment ja, Prime.
(09/11 07:57:36) Timbo: Sie waren also auch in Releeshan? Wow.
(09/11 07:57:51) Dr. Watson: In der Tat.
(09/11 07:57:57) Prime: Und was ist mit Noloben…in meinem Verständnis ist es die Heimat der Bahro…also kann ich mir nicht vorstellen, wie es jetzt dort ist…
(09/11 07:58:02) Meg:
(09/11 07:58:15) D'ja vu:
(09/11 07:58:16) Skotte:
(09/11 07:58:16) Blue Thisbe
(09/11 07:59:05) BlueArrow:
(09/11 07:59:12) Dr. Watson: Noloben? Es ist eines von vielen Zeitaltern in denen die Bahro gelebt haben, wer weiss wielange. Ich würde nicht sagen, dass es ihre "Heimat" ist, obwohl es schon eine Möglichkeit wäre.
(09/11 07:59:24) zreyasa:
(09/11 07:59:44) Timbo:
(09/11 07:59:45) Grieyls:
(09/11 08:00:01) Skotte:
(09/11 08:00:12) Skotte:
(09/11 08:00:15) Prime:
(09/11 08:00:15) Dr. Watson: Es ist eines der Zeitalter mit den schwersten Kämpfen.

(09/11 08:00:41) Grieyls: Do you know what the issue is that they fight over?
(09/11 08:01:00) Dr. Watson: Einige sehen Noloben als ihre Heimat an, andere meinen dies wäre ihre Heimat, oder irgendwelche tausende Zeitalter.
(09/11 08:01:21) Grieyls: Klingt verwirrend
(09/11 08:01:34) Skotte:
(09/11 08:01:47) Ron Gerrin:
(09/11 08:02:09) Prime:
(09/11 08:02:21) Grieyls:
(09/11 08:02:51) Prime: Warum sollte man um Gebiete kämpfen, wenn man unbegrenzten Raum hat?....
(09/11 08:02:55) Skotte: sind nicht die meisten Kriege territorial?
(09/11 08:03:14) Grieyls: Die meisten ja, aber nicht alle
(09/11 08:03:31) Dr. Watson: Eine lange Geschichte. Die Kurzversion ist, dass sie vor kurzem die Möglichkeit bekommen haben ihr Schicksal selbst zu bestimmen.
(09/11 08:03:51) Grieyls nods his head
(09/11 08:03:56) Dr. Watson: Und die verschiedenen Gruppen haben mit ihrer neuen Freiheit eine unterschiedliche Wahl getroffen.
(09/11 08:03:56) Prime:
(09/11 08:04:03) zreyasa:
(09/11 08:04:13) Skotte:
(09/11 08:04:21) Skotte:
(09/11 08:04:29) D'ja vu:
(09/11 08:05:24) D'ja vu: Und der Streit kommt durch die unterschiedliche Wahl.
(09/11 08:05:32) Meg:
(09/11 08:05:33) Skotte:
(09/11 08:06:09) Prime:
(09/11 08:06:34) Prime:
(09/11 08:06:44) Meg:
(09/11 08:06:45) Dr. Watson: In der Tat. Einige von ihnen wollen Rache oder Zerstörung. Unglücklicherweise haben sie das Potential für unglaubliche Zerstörung, wenn sie es wollen.
(09/11 08:07:14) DunnyDave:
(09/11 08:07:14) Grieyls: Hört sich nicht gut an, ich hoffe, sie kommen zu Verstand
(09/11 08:07:23) zreyasa: Ich muss schlafen gehen. Danke für Ihr kommen, Dr. Watson. Shorah.
(09/11 08:07:28) Dr. Watson: Ich auch.
(09/11 08:07:29) Prime:
(09/11 08:07:51) J'on: Dr. Watson, Phil erwähnte, dass er Releeshan besucht hat, waren Sie auch dort? Falls ja, haben Sie Atrus gesehen?
(09/11 08:07:52) Dr. Watson: Bitte, Zreyasa.
(09/11 08:08:16) Dr. Watson: Ja zu beiden Fragen, J'on.
(09/11 08:08:32) Grieyls: Oh cool, kann ich sein Autogramm auch haben?
(09/11 08:08:42) Dr. Watson laughs.
(09/11 08:08:43) Timbo laughs
(09/11 08:08:44) Skotte bops grieyls
(09/11 08:08:48) Resolute Guardian starts to laugh
(09/11 08:08:54) Ron Gerrin:
(09/11 08:09:00) Ron Gerrin snerks
(09/11 08:09:00) J'on: Glauben Sie, es besteht die Möglichkeit, dass Atrus je in die Höhlen zurückkommt?
(09/11 08:09:14) Dr. Watson: Ich werde wohl für die ganzen Autogramme einige Stifte brauchen, Grieyls.
(09/11 08:09:39) Prime:
(09/11 08:09:42) Grieyls:
(09/11 08:09:47) Meg:
(09/11 08:10:06) Meg:
(09/11 08:10:07) Dr. Watson: Hmm... Es gibt immer eine Chance, auch wenn sie nur sehr klein ist.


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Gründer - Founder
Gründer - Founder

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Sehr schön und :notworthy:

Gruß Susi

Die Geschichte geht weiter denn das letzte Wort wurde noch nicht geschrieben Und die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt.

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Gründer - Founder
Gründer - Founder

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Wohnort: NRW
Cate war gerade in der Stadt. Ich befürchte wenn sie so weiter macht werden ihr die Leute bald ihr Relto Buch entwenden . Kern der Aussage war eigentlich nur das Dr Watson sich nicht an der Restauration beteiligen wird, und man sich mit Engberg noch im Gespräch befindet .

[hide=Klicke hier für den Log]

(09/11 20:49:16) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: Hello, I have a quick announcement to make.
(09/11 20:49:19) [b]Dimitrios[/b]: Shorah Cate
(09/11 20:49:27) [b]Susi[/b]: we are waiting soooo long
(09/11 20:49:28) [b]KL/RREN[/b]: Hi cate
(09/11 20:49:41) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: Dr. Watson will not be re-joining the DRC.
(09/11 20:49:41) [b]Dimitrios[/b]: Again quick.we love you please be patient with us
(09/11 20:49:42) [b]From D'n Alor in D'n Alor's Relto[/b]: hallo ihr Hoehlenmenschen :-)
(09/11 20:49:52) [b]UberThend[/b]: Hello Cate
(09/11 20:50:08) [b]Erik[/b]: Doesn't he want to or did the DRC decide that, Ms. Alexander?
(09/11 20:50:09) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: We have had some meetings and he has indicatd that the restoration of this cavern is not a priority for him.
(09/11 20:50:12) [b]UberThend[/b]: what about Engberg?
(09/11 20:50:14) [b]Dimitrios[/b]: Was it his decision?
(09/11 20:50:23) [b]Dimitrios[/b]: ah ok
(09/11 20:50:33) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: It was his decision. He clearly indicatd his stance from the beginning.
(09/11 20:50:43) Kierra nods her head
(09/11 20:51:01) [b][Moderator] Lfus[/b]: Mr. Alexander would you like a moderator?
(09/11 20:51:12) [b]paul147[/b]: Cate are you going to pout soething in the city?
(09/11 20:51:15) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: We have not discussed with Mr. Engberg the possibilties of him rejoining.
(09/11 20:51:20) UberThend nods his head
(09/11 20:51:24) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: I am not going to put anything in the city.
(09/11 20:51:32) [b][Moderator] Lfus[/b]: Ms. Alexander would you like a moderator?
(09/11 20:51:40) [b]Dimitrios[/b]: Are you feeling good with the latests events.no offence here we are all a team
(09/11 20:51:40) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: I do not need a moderator.
(09/11 20:51:44) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: Thank you.
(09/11 20:51:49) [b]From Mucol in D'ni-Ae'gura[/b]: cate in der stadt
(09/11 20:51:52) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: The latest events?
(09/11 20:51:53) [b][Moderator] Lfus[/b]: your welcome
(09/11 20:52:05) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: Dr. Watson?
(09/11 20:52:10) [b]Dimitrios[/b]: Yesi mean Dr Watson etc....
(09/11 20:52:19) [b]Erik[/b]: I guess you are very happy to have both Dr. Watson and Mr. Engberg back
(09/11 20:52:21) [b]Whilyam[/b]: Douglas leaving
(09/11 20:52:34) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: I wish our effort were going more smoothly on a number of fronts.
(09/11 20:52:34) [b]Whilyam[/b]: Fighting the Bahro. I'd think we'd make a united stance
(09/11 20:52:44) [b]From Diafero II in D'ni-Ae'gura[/b]: cate ist in der stadt
(09/11 20:52:48) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: I am happy to see Dr. Watson and Engberg again.
(09/11 20:52:54) [b]paul147[/b]: Are we going to get somethng new?
(09/11 20:52:56) [b]Whilyam[/b]: And sharper?
(09/11 20:52:57) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: They are good men.
(09/11 20:53:04) [b]From D'n Alor in ErcanaCitySilo[/b]: ich habs gesehen...ist viel los?
(09/11 20:53:11) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: No Paul.
(09/11 20:53:23) [b]From Diafero II in D'ni-Ae'gura[/b]: sie sagt watson wird NICHT wieder mitglied des DRC werden. die restaurartion sei keine oprprioritaet mehr fuer ihn
(09/11 20:53:33) [b]From Diafero II in D'ni-Ae'gura[/b]: mit engerg wird noch gesprochen
(09/11 20:53:36) [b]UberThend[/b]: Cate, can I ask a serious question?
(09/11 20:53:38) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: Sharper belives very strongly in what he is doing.
(09/11 20:53:45) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: I wish he were not leaving.
(09/11 20:53:46) [b]Zirrus[/b]: no relto pages?
(09/11 20:53:49) [b]Dimitrios[/b]: That is good to hear Cate.We support you all even if sometimes we are very anxius to know more things
(09/11 20:53:51) [b]From Diafero II in D'ni-Ae'gura[/b]: sie freut sich die beiden wieder zu sehen
(09/11 20:53:55) [b]From Diafero II in D'ni-Ae'gura[/b]: es gibt nicht neues
(09/11 20:54:04) [b]Whilyam[/b]: Coem on. Why would Cate put Yeesha pages?
(09/11 20:54:04) [b]From Diafero II in D'ni-Ae'gura[/b]: ja, es ist ziemlich viel los, extremes link-in-lag
(09/11 20:54:06) [b]Nitsu[/b]: i cant wait untill watson replaces you cate
(09/11 20:54:07) [b]KL/RREN[/b]: Relto pages are yeeshas job, zirrus
(09/11 20:54:12) [b]paul147[/b]: Is the episode still running
(09/11 20:54:15) [b]Whilyam[/b]: Unless she really IS Yeesha's daughter in disguise :P
(09/11 20:54:15) [b]paul147[/b]: Or is it over?
(09/11 20:54:19) [b]UberThend[/b]: Cate, Yes or No - Are you Yeesha's daughter?
(09/11 20:54:19) Zirrus is a bit upset...
(09/11 20:54:23) [b]Dimitrios[/b]: Episode?
(09/11 20:54:26) [b]From D'n Alor in Ercana[/b]: danke das du berichtest ;-)
(09/11 20:54:32) [b]darkstar[/b]: lol
(09/11 20:54:34) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: Are there any serious questions?
(09/11 20:54:45) [b]paul147[/b]: Yes is the episode over
(09/11 20:54:48) [b]UberThend[/b]: Are you Yeesha's daughter? Seriously?
(09/11 20:54:49) [b]KL/RREN[/b]: Whats with the lake meter?
(09/11 20:54:55) [b]Cate Alexander[/b]: Good day to you all.
(09/11 20:54:59) [b]KL/RREN[/b]: Will we get it back?
(09/11 20:54:59) [b]ireenquench[/b]: Cate, I think Thend IS serious. :/
(09/11 20:55:08) [b]Dimitrios[/b]: are you worried about Sharpers decision
(09/11 20:55:09) [b]J.D. Barnes[/b]: Yes, I have a serious question, Ms. Alexander.
(09/11 20:55:09) [b]Kierra[/b]: bye Cate, thank you for your time
(09/11 20:55:09) UberThend nods his head
(09/11 20:55:11) [b]Songe[/b]: Who's leaving, to go where?
(09/11 20:55:11) [b]darkstar[/b]: Is there aproblem with distributing the stained glass in the Reltos?
(09/11 20:55:15) [b]splash1[/b]: are you Yeesha's dauther?
(09/11 20:55:17) [b]Scarlette[/b]: don't leave
(09/11 20:55:21) [b]KL/RREN[/b]: Ok, thx cate
(09/11 20:55:21) [b]Dimitrios[/b]: ?
(09/11 20:55:22) [b]Nitsu[/b]: she is a wolf in sheeps clothing dont you see?
(09/11 20:55:26) [b]splash1[/b]: she is Yeesha's dauther
(09/11 20:55:28) Gnuslov groans
(09/11 20:55:31) [b]Selee Tayoy[/b]: I think se was offended
(09/11 20:55:31) [b]Mar'ith[/b]: Short as usual
(09/11 20:55:31) [b]UberThend[/b]: I WAS serious. Interesting she did not answer
(09/11 20:55:36) [b]KL/RREN[/b]: Erinnert mich an meine ex
(09/11 20:55:38) [b]From Diafero II in D'ni-Ae'gura[/b]: und damit verabschiedet sie sich wieder
(09/11 20:55:42) UberThend shrugs
(09/11 20:55:45) [b]Josh[/b]: lol[/hide]

Die Geschichte geht weiter denn das letzte Wort wurde noch nicht geschrieben Und die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt.

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King - Queen

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Dr. Watson war grad im Watchers pub.

Du hast keine ausreichende Berechtigung, um die Dateianhänge dieses Beitrags anzusehen.

Wenn wir ein Lebewesen damit beauftragen wollten, sich in der Einsamkeit des Kosmos um Lebendiges zu kümmern, zu überwachen, was draus wird und wohin es geht, sollte man für diese Aufgabe keine Menschen auswählen. Bill Bryson

KI # 00519683

Hoffentlich wird es nicht so schlimm, wie es schon ist. Karl Valentin

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King - Queen

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Hier der chatlog von Dr. Watsons Rede.

[hide=Klicke Hier ]
(09/12 21:31:04) Chat.log started...

(09/12 21:38:24) Mar'ith: Zane - can you sit down please
(09/12 21:38:30) Dhelayan: Please take your seat, so that mr. watson can start. thanks
(09/12 21:38:41) Jacet Cyber: please can we keep chating to a minimum so all can read the speach
(09/12 21:38:57) Dr. Watson: OK. I think we've watied long enough.
(09/12 21:39:07) Wardred: Quite Please...
(09/12 21:39:16) From Brigitte : kannst du realayen - oder ist dein englisch auch nicht soo toll?
(09/12 21:39:19) Dhelayan: Yes
(09/12 21:39:27) Justin: Yes
(09/12 21:39:30) Dr. Watson: Yes, please keep chatting to a minimum. Thank you.
(09/12 21:39:46) To Brigitte : ich mach nen chatlog...sorry dafuer reichts nicht
(09/12 21:39:49) Justin: Thank you for taking time to talk with us
(09/12 21:40:02) Dr. Watson: Let's begin.
(09/12 21:40:12) Dr. Watson: Good afternoon.
(09/12 21:40:29) Dr. Watson: I've been asked for my advice on many issues wince my recent return.
(09/12 21:40:30) Justin: Good afternoon mr. Watson
(09/12 21:40:46) Alysa: (Where is Dr. Watson? He's invisible or something...)
(09/12 21:40:53) Dr. Watson: I reallly haven't had time to get caught up on everything that 's been happening here,
(09/12 21:41:14) Dr. Watson: but I sat down this morning and attempted to come up with some kind of statement
(09/12 21:41:31) Dr. Watson: on the issues that have been brought to my attention.
(09/12 21:41:40) Dr. Watson: First, the Guilds.
(09/12 21:41:57) To Brigitte : er sprich ueber die gilden
(09/12 21:42:19) Dr. Watson: I've been told that here are folks who are very upset that the DRC are attempting to follow the D'ni lead in taking
(09/12 21:42:48) Dr. Watson: steps to re-form the Guilds. They say that the Guilds are "bad", that
(09/12 21:43:01) Dr. Watson: they inevitably lead to Pride.
(09/12 21:43:07) Sydney Austin shakes head
(09/12 21:43:20) Justin says Shhhh
(09/12 21:43:25) Dr. Watson: The Guilds are not inherenlty bad in and of themselves.
(09/12 21:43:59) Dr. Watson: Those who blame "the Guilds" for the Fall of D'ni have not understood Yeesha's words
(09/12 21:44:07) Dr. Watson: and have missed her point completely.
(09/12 21:44:45) Dr. Watson: The Guilds provided stability and structure for the D'ni culture, which allowed their civilization to thrive for tens of thousands of years.
(09/12 21:45:26) Dr. Watson: The problem with the Guilds in D'ni history is the same thing that's the problem here in the Cavern today: people.
(09/12 21:45:36) Dr. Watson: More sepcifically: our Pride.
(09/12 21:45:54) Old Watashi: Ego
(09/12 21:46:02) Sydney Austin: Oh geez!
(09/12 21:46:06) mookiethefourth: Oh
(09/12 21:46:08) Dr. Watson: The very lesson that Yeesha has repeatedly attempted to teach us.
(09/12 21:46:15) groath: What can we do to fix that?
(09/12 21:46:20) Dakro: shhhh
(09/12 21:46:36) Dr. Watson: We already have our own prolbems of Pride. We haven't needed the Guilds for that.
(09/12 21:46:56) mookiethefourth: Are you going to ban me Dr. Watson I've been using linking books that were not DRC authroized
(09/12 21:47:07) Justin: Shhhhhhh
(09/12 21:47:07) --=V4iLiN=-- nods his head
(09/12 21:47:21) Dr. Watson: If things are going to be different this time around, it's up to all of us, including you Explorers, to choose to be more responsible than the D'ni were at the time of the Fall.
(09/12 21:47:51) Sydney Austin: its not possible
(09/12 21:47:51) Reteltee: me thinks the Dr. has an excellent point
(09/12 21:48:07) Dr. Watson: Just as the Bahro are finding our right now with their newly-found freedoms - it all comes down to the choices we make.
(09/12 21:48:24) janaba claps her hands
(09/12 21:48:30) William Clark: indeed Dr.
(09/12 21:48:34) Dr. Watson: Frankly, from what I've been hearing, ther are many Explorers who are not ready for this responibility.
(09/12 21:48:34) groath claps his hands
(09/12 21:48:39) kengehr2785 claps his hands
(09/12 21:48:46) Dakro: shhhh
(09/12 21:49:07) Dr. Watson: And if their influences are allowed to taint the new Guilds, all our efforts are sure to fail again.
(09/12 21:49:12) Prodigal changes channels to the next soap
(09/12 21:49:55) Dr. Watson: What's the alternative? Learn to work together. Stop complaing when things are not exactly as you'd like them to be.
(09/12 21:50:02) --=V4iLiN=--: The one flaw of Mankind it is our nature we all fall short , sure we can always try and may succed for a time but sighs...
(09/12 21:50:11) Frisky Badger applauds thunderously
(09/12 21:50:13) Dr. Watson: Stop bickering amon yourselves.
(09/12 21:50:14) William Clark: Agreed Dr.!
(09/12 21:50:23) William Clark: cheer
(09/12 21:50:23) Dr. Watson: Stop choosing to divide yourselves.
(09/12 21:50:25) Alysa: Amen!
(09/12 21:50:27) William Clark cheers
(09/12 21:50:28) Peace: Please stay off the stage. Show some respect.
(09/12 21:50:34) Amun Aten: yes?
(09/12 21:50:37) karandara nods her head
(09/12 21:50:38) Dr. Watson: There is much more at stake here than our egos.
(09/12 21:50:38) Amun Aten: Oh.
(09/12 21:50:41) Dakro: and be quiet.....
(09/12 21:50:44) Justin: oFF THE STAGE
(09/12 21:50:48) Sydney Austin: Without bickering things can't improe
(09/12 21:50:53) groath claps his hands
(09/12 21:50:55) Desert Eagle: there'll be time for applauding and agreeing later. please let him finish first
(09/12 21:51:05) William Clark: agreed, Justin, they're probably lagging
(09/12 21:51:10) Dr. Watson: You do have the ability to choose to work together.
(09/12 21:51:13) William Clark: innocent mistake
(09/12 21:51:15) Dr. Watson: Make that choice.
(09/12 21:51:16) Jacquet wants Mookie to get out of the way!
(09/12 21:51:17) Wardred: Please step away from the good Doctor.
(09/12 21:51:18) mookiethefourth: Sorry
(09/12 21:51:23) Dakro is adding many people to his ignore list....
(09/12 21:51:42) Dr. Watson: AS for the Cavern, I was asked yesterday if we should all leave the Cavern, so let me clarify my position.
(09/12 21:52:28) Dr. Watson: /Shout When the Restoration first began, what seems like decades ago, I gave another speech.
(09/12 21:52:44) Dr. Watson: in that sppech, I explained that I felt "Called" here.
(09/12 21:53:08) Alysa nods and remembers hearing a recording.
(09/12 21:53:12) Dr. Watson: /Shout I said that this Cavern was meant to be inhabited, and that it was our intent to make it habitable once again.
(09/12 21:53:19) JanB: Sit down please
(09/12 21:53:40) Prodigal senses a fanatic somewhere
(09/12 21:53:58) Alysa :P
(09/12 21:54:01) --=V4iLiN=--: via the guilds
(09/12 21:54:13) Dr. Watson: (oops, repeating) I said that this Cavern was meant to be inhabited, and that it was our intent to make it habitable once again.
(09/12 21:54:47) Dr. Watson: I was convinced of it. I was sure that the warnings of Atrus did no apply to those of us from the Surface.
(09/12 21:54:58) Dr. Watson: I no longer believe that is the case.
(09/12 21:55:28) groath: F/sit
(09/12 21:55:32) Dr. Watson: But do not misunderstand me. I am still drawn here, but now I'm drawn to learn the lessons that this Cavern has to teach me.
(09/12 21:55:51) Dr. Watson: But I will apply those lessons elsewhere.
(09/12 21:56:03) Sydney Austin: where?
(09/12 21:56:19) --=V4iLiN=--: relishahn
(09/12 21:56:30) Dr. Watson: No longer is it my goal to restor this place with the hope of reinhabiting it. That is where the DRC and I differ in our opinions.
(09/12 21:56:56) Dr. Watson: Of course, I'm perfectly willing to admit that it may turn out that I am wrong; that they are right.
(09/12 21:57:10) Sydney Austin: so do you want to stop the DRC?
(09/12 21:57:10) Dr. Watson: Should we leave, then?
(09/12 21:57:46) Dr. Watson: No. I think that would be just as grave an error. As I said, this Cavern still has much to teach us.
(09/12 21:57:58) Dr. Watson: But what of the Bahro?
(09/12 21:58:22) Verbal: :)
(09/12 21:58:22) Dr. Watson: the conflict that is going on all around us here in the Cavern and in many of the Ages?
(09/12 21:58:24) --=V4iLiN=--:
(09/12 21:58:42) -MO'gli-: gGira?
(09/12 21:58:49) Justin: Shhhh
(09/12 21:58:52) Dr. Watson: I've been asked why the "bad" Bahro are attacking us. Is it because they think we're the D'ni?
(09/12 21:59:28) Dr. Watson: no, I don't think that's the case. In fact, after hearing of the destruction in Negilahn from Douglas Sharper,
(09/12 21:59:57) Sydney Austin: don't you believe we are the decendants of the d'ni?
(09/12 22:00:05) Dr. Watson: I think it's clear that the BAhro who have chosen to become bent on destruction are completely indiscriminate about what they destroy.
(09/12 22:00:27) --=V4iLiN=--: taskes note
(09/12 22:00:32) Dr. Watson: What did the animals around the pods ever do to the Bahro? They clearly weren't killed for food.
(09/12 22:01:05) Dr. Watson: It seems to be destruction simply for the sake of destruction. Cruelty for the sake of cruelty.
(09/12 22:01:16) Prodigal shakes his head in disbelief
(09/12 22:01:26) Dr. Watson: they seem to do it just because they can.
(09/12 22:01:26) groath: Then what should we do ? it sounds as if we are stuck in any situation we do
(09/12 22:01:28) Sydney Austin: Dr. I think this is a bunch of garage the bahro aren't bad, I believe they are taking the fall!!
(09/12 22:01:35) Dakro: shhhh
(09/12 22:02:02) kengehr2785: their own pride..
(09/12 22:02:11) Dr. Watson: And the Bahro who killed Wheely, from the description of events that Michael has given me, specifically kept her alive wheil she was trapped.
(09/12 22:02:43) Dr. Watson: My only conclusion from that behavior is that it was studying her or toying with her.
(09/12 22:03:05) --=V4iLiN=--: yes toying they toyed with Sharper
(09/12 22:03:12) --=V4iLiN=--: too
(09/12 22:03:20) Sydney Austin: Heresay that it was bharo that killed her
(09/12 22:03:21) groath: But why kill her?
(09/12 22:03:21) Dr. Watson: shout which immediately brings to mind the many Bahro who received a very similar treatment from a D'n man who lived in Noloben named Esher.
(09/12 22:03:53) Dr. Watson: which immediately brings to mind the many Bahro so received a very similar tratment from a D'ni man who lived in Noloben named Esher.
(09/12 22:04:01) Justin: I know it's hard to not talk guys, but can you just let the man speak?
(09/12 22:04:08) Frisky Badger: It sounds like freedom has awoken the Bahro, and they are discovering that they are powerful
(09/12 22:04:12) Explorer1: Dr Watson SPECIFICALLY asked not to interrupt him!
(09/12 22:04:24) Frisky Badger: sorry, didn't know that
(09/12 22:04:29) Frisky Badger zips his lips
(09/12 22:04:36) Trevor1013: NP
(09/12 22:04:39) Dr. Watson: I'm told the Bahro even specifically attempted to say the word "noloben" before it attacked her.
(09/12 22:05:13) Dr. Watson: But what can we do about the "bad" bahro? No much. for now, we are protected.
(09/12 22:05:55) Dr. Watson: the "good" bahro protecting us have created a grand deception for our peace of mind - an illusion that all is well here in the Cavern and the Ages.
(09/12 22:06:25) Sydney Austin: Not an illusion!!!
(09/12 22:06:35) Dr. Watson: We now know that his is not the case, but how much longer will their prot4ection last?
(09/12 22:06:36) Justin: SHHHHHh
(09/12 22:06:55) Dr. Watson: A week? A month? a year? a decade? a century?
(09/12 22:07:06) Dr. Watson: I have no idea.
(09/12 22:07:26) Dr. Watson: Funny thing about prophecies... they don't always come with an expiration date.
(09/12 22:07:38) April Ryan: lol
(09/12 22:07:45) Dr. Watson: But we have been told that "Destruction is coming."
(09/12 22:08:10) Dr. Watson: I believe specifically that that destruction is coming to the Cavern, but I could be wrong about that,too.
(09/12 22:08:24) Prodigal wants to ask a question...
(09/12 22:08:29) --=V4iLiN=--: as I thought the bahro make you see what they want you to see
(09/12 22:08:49) Dr. Watson: it is entirely possible that the "destruction" is a great deal larger than that.
(09/12 22:09:16) Dr. Watson: Either way, we need to use the time we are being given to "Find a way. Make a home."
(09/12 22:09:30) Dr. Watson: How can we do that?
(09/12 22:09:33) Old Watashi: yes
(09/12 22:09:34) -MO'gli-: Surface!
(09/12 22:09:39) Wardred: Please allow the Doctor to continue with out destractions.
(09/12 22:09:53) Dr. Watson: That's where the Guilds come in. We have got to work together.
(09/12 22:10:20) Dr. Watson: It will not happen overnight. It will likely take many years, in fact.
(09/12 22:10:21) --=V4iLiN=--: to make a home?
(09/12 22:10:32) Songe: shh!
(09/12 22:10:41) Dr. Watson: But I believe the Guilds are the key.
(09/12 22:11:42) Dr. Watson: Yeesha has already been to hundreds of Ages, looking for something, anything, that might help to end the Bahro conflict, or, at the very least, help to protect us from it in case there comes a time when the "good" Bahro are no longer able to.
(09/12 22:12:07) Pryftan: Should we fear the possibility of the D'ni pride infiltrating us through the Guilds?
(09/12 22:12:23) --=V4iLiN=--: yes
(09/12 22:12:24) Dr. Watson: As time passes, it grows increasingly unlikely that anything is going to be found in an Age the D'ni have or had access to.
(09/12 22:12:46) Dr. Watson: And so, we are going to need new Ages at some point.
(09/12 22:13:01) Verbal stiffens
(09/12 22:13:07) Prodigal cheers
(09/12 22:13:11) April Ryan: 0.0
(09/12 22:13:11) Dr. Watson: There are those among the Explorers who may eventually be able to assist in that regard.
(09/12 22:13:11) Pryftan cheers
(09/12 22:13:12) Justin cheers
(09/12 22:13:21) Songe cheers
(09/12 22:13:24) April Ryan claps her hands
(09/12 22:13:26) Sam Byard: atrus !you met him ! he can write one !
(09/12 22:13:27) Verbal: Yes!
(09/12 22:13:28) William Clark cheers
(09/12 22:13:32) Alysa cheers
(09/12 22:13:33) Dakro sighs
(09/12 22:13:36) Dr. Watson: That is the direction I believe we must take.
(09/12 22:13:37) Dakro: guys... please
(09/12 22:13:58) Dhelayan: Please be quite, thanks.
(09/12 22:14:06) Whilyam: Quiet. It's hard to relay with you guys yammering
(09/12 22:14:11) --=V4iLiN=--: we are all going exploring? need to find the books lost or make them our selfs! ?
(09/12 22:14:18) Justin: Shhhhhhh
(09/12 22:14:24) Dr. Watson: The Guilds (and even the Explorers who are not interested in joining a Guild) will have to work together: writing, maintaining, mapping, and exploring those new Ages.
(09/12 22:15:07) Dr. Watson: It is a grand undertaking. And much of it depends on you Explorers, and how well you choose to work together.
(09/12 22:15:19) Alysa: P ..=V4iliN=.. We will, as explorers, be able to actually literally CREATE ages. use 3d programs, as in REAL LIFE creating them. NOt in the game. :)
(09/12 22:15:27) Yuko Hoon: please, stay silent
(09/12 22:15:29) Alysa: Whoops. D: Sorry!
(09/12 22:15:31) Dr. Watson: Will we be up to the challenge?
(09/12 22:15:31) Justin: aaahhh, OOC
(09/12 22:16:06) Dr. Watson: That definitely remains to be seen. I hope we are.
(09/12 22:16:14) Dr. Watson: Thank you for your kind attention.
(09/12 22:16:23) Prometheus claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:24) Rheanna claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:26) Zen6219 claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:26) Dakro claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:28) Prodigal claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:28) leeloo claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:28) Renyaloth claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:28) velvetam claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:28) Explorer1 claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:30) |Shem| hears a resounding YES thoughout the whole of the cavern.
(09/12 22:16:30) Ryam claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:30) Reteltee: Thank
(09/12 22:16:30) Kimmie claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:30) Lizz claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:30) Yuko Hoon claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:31) D'n Alor claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:31) Songe claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:32) Headless Monkey Boy: Thankyou Dr Watson
(09/12 22:16:32) kengehr2785 claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:32) Mar'ith claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:32) Mar'ith: Thank you Dr. Watson
(09/12 22:16:33) Frisky Badger: thank you for the info Dr Watson
(09/12 22:16:33) Dhelayan: Thankyou Mr.Watson
(09/12 22:16:33) --=V4iLiN=-- claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:33) Parker Solem-Sevier claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:34) Alysa claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:34) Paulll50 claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:34) [Moderator]Zedra claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:35) -MO'gli- claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:35) janaba claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:36) Old Watashi: Thank You Sir
(09/12 22:16:36) Verbal: If we're not we'll give it adamn good try!
(09/12 22:16:37) Tai'lahr claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:37) LaReh claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:38) keladonian claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:38) Ayli claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:38) Aethon claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:38) William Clark: thank you for your time Dr. Watson!
(09/12 22:16:39) Verbal claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:39) Wiz claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:39) Reteltee: Thank you Dr.
(09/12 22:16:39) TCT Stellaflora claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:40) Stephen C. claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:40) April Ryan claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:40) Justin cheers
(09/12 22:16:40) Dalken Starbyne claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:41) SadeCrow claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:41) Colorado claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:42) Darkling claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:45) Josh claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:45) Jishin: Thank you, Dr. Watson.
(09/12 22:16:45) Ti'chelle claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:45) MacNeacail claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:46) |Shem| cheers
(09/12 22:16:46) Clarissa claps her hands
(09/12 22:16:47) Zen6219 claps his hands
(09/12 22:16:48) karandara cheers
(09/12 22:16:49) ...Chat.log stopped.[/hide]

Sorry das mit dem aufklappen hab ich noch nicht raus. :oops: (Komisch HTML funzt nicht)

D'n Alor

Wenn wir ein Lebewesen damit beauftragen wollten, sich in der Einsamkeit des Kosmos um Lebendiges zu kümmern, zu überwachen, was draus wird und wohin es geht, sollte man für diese Aufgabe keine Menschen auswählen. Bill Bryson

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Habe es mal Editiert Und danke !! :wink:

Wenn du oberhalb des Eingabefeldst schaust, kannst du immer nachsehen. der Tag heißt "hide"

Also [ hide= zb. Klicke hier ] Dann der Text [ /hide ]

Das ganze aber ohne Leerzeichen :D

Gruß Susi

Die Geschichte geht weiter denn das letzte Wort wurde noch nicht geschrieben Und die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt.

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Übrigens. Tachzusammen hat den Log im Reallife Forum übersetzt. Nochmal Danke von hier. :notworthy: Türlich auch an Susi ( für die ich jetzt immer Kekse und Kaffee mitbringen werde :wink: )

Wenn wir ein Lebewesen damit beauftragen wollten, sich in der Einsamkeit des Kosmos um Lebendiges zu kümmern, zu überwachen, was draus wird und wohin es geht, sollte man für diese Aufgabe keine Menschen auswählen. Bill Bryson

KI # 00519683

Hoffentlich wird es nicht so schlimm, wie es schon ist. Karl Valentin

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Na das will ich auch hoffen :D

Wehe ich komme heute abend und die sind schon alle alle :shock:

Komme erst gegen 21 Uhr, also hole sie nicht zu früh aus der Tasche heraus, sind ja alle gierig bei sowas :P

Gruß Susi

Die Geschichte geht weiter denn das letzte Wort wurde noch nicht geschrieben Und die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt.

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Wenn Menolly mit dabei ist, kannste die Kekse vergessen. Das weiss ich aus eigener, leidvoller Erfahrung (Kirschecken!!!)

Ich weiss wie Wurst gemacht wird!
Aber ich esse trotzdem welche... :)

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